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   Vol. 20 No. 46
Monday December 6, 2021

When A Gram Could Count For A Million Tons

Camilla Gram

Camilla Gram is new Head of Global Sales & Marketing for SAS Cargo Group.
  On the way up Camilla had served as Head of Sales Scandinavia & Europe.
Plenty is at stake, with maybe 20 tons of cargo on any SAS long-haul flight, for both the carrier and Camilla who has been described as “a driving force in how SAS Cargo successfully navigated throughout the pandemic."
  How Gram will turn to tons can be felt in her unabashed enthusiasm for her new assignment.
  “SAS Cargo is a great place to work," Camilla told Scandinavian Traveller.
  “It’s fantastic, because you know who everyone is and you have some kind of relation to each of them.
  “Our culture is characterized by an informal tone and a good sense of humor.”
  Gram points out that SAS Cargo has benefited from a number of young people joining the organization in recent years.
  “We’ve had this generation shift and I think that makes for a really dynamic organization, with a healthy and solid foundation.
  “That’s important,” she explains, “because air cargo has, for so long, been a conservative, slow-to-change industry.
  “These days that’s not good enough.
  “We have certain areas we believe are key to success going forward,” Gram says.   “Mobility, of course. And transparency, through the entire value chain. Shipping cargo involves a lot of people, it’s a big value chain and it’s complex. Convenience is key – it needs to be hassle-free for the customer. Personalization too, making sure the products and services we offer are customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer.”
  Even though Camilla Gram says it usually only takes a moment to explain what she does to people outside the industry, conversations end up being enlightening.   “Whenever I say I work at SAS Cargo, people tend to look surprised. It’s kind of a new world to them,” she says.
  “Then, they always want to know, ‘What do you ship?’
  "Last year I had a great answer.
  "Well you heard about the pandas coming to Copenhagen Zoo from China?
  "They flew with SAS Cargo.”

  SAS launched overseas flights 75 years ago on August 1, 1946 flying from Stockholm, Sweden to Idlewild Airport (today JFK) in New York City.
  The tradition for building cargo into SAS took off with that first flight and shortly thereafter hit the big time as a major resource, after the airline landed Jerome Trimboli to head SAS’s cargo fortunes at JFK.
  That pioneering tradition continues today, as SAS Cargo shines with ranks filled by bright, young, energetic logisiticians, with Camilla Gram as Head of Global Sales & Marketing.

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