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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 20 No. 50
Thursday December 30, 2021

Those Memories Of 2021

Geoffrey Arend and Joachim Frigger

     The year we lost so many people, there remains a lull in my life when I think about my best friend Jo Frigger, Chairman of EMO Trans who died April 19.
     It happens especially when I have some hot news or ideas to share, but especially a joke to relate that might unlock his very wry sense of humor.
     So Jo, here is a perfect joke told by David Letterman, that is for you Jo, wherever you are.
     “I was on the street the other day and I saw a garbage truck, and on the back of the garbage truck there was a small sign that said, ‘Please do not follow too closely.’
     Another of life’s simple pleasures ruined by meddling bureaucracy.
     Remember the old days, when dad would pile the kids in a station wagon and we’d all go and follow a garbage truck?”

     When we received the call from Connie that Jo had passed, it was like the world just stopped.
     Now, nine months later, the year is ending, a new one is about to begin and despite repeated setbacks with the COVID, the beat picks up a bit.
     I think about our time together—our lives well-lived, with memories shared that will live in my heart forever.
Jo and Karin Frigger with Sabiha and Geoffrey Arend

     How I treasure and am thankful for those times, with the four of us—Sabiha, Karin, Jo and I at my son Geoffrey’s wedding; their grandchildren’s birthday parties; the places around the world we visited via the annual EMO Trans Meeting and also the late nightcaps at the bar, where sometimes barely a word was spoken. No need to even talk.
     For 25 years, Joachim “Jo” Frigger was an inspiration in my life and thankfully also a dear, close respected friend.
     In our case, we never had a cross word. Jo simply would not allow anything, no matter what, including the drama of the moment, to allow things ever to get out of hand.
     The reasoned approach, the long vision, Jo was a real-life Cool Hand Luke. I have known maybe one other person in my life with the uncanny ability that Jo Frigger possessed.
     Without warmup or warning you could drop him into any situation and Jo would know exactly what to do. That is so rare to see, and he was so special. I miss him so much that I am struggling to find the right words for my emotions.
     We had a business partnership for sure, but the overwhelming memory that shall live in my heart forever is that Jo was my friend and we could be together on a moment’s notice and pick up the conversation from two or six months or a week before, and we would laugh and take it from there, enjoying each other’s company.
     Been thinking about male friendship.
     In its purest form, where all you do is be there and let the dialogue unravel, the loss of Jo and realizing that he is gone is in one sense almost unbearable. So, allow me a few minutes to talk about something I have learned about male friendship.
     First, as a place setting, these words from Journalist Ezra Klein:
     “Men have fewer friends than women, and as we get older we have fewer and fewer and fewer friends. Some of us have no friends at all and the resulting loneliness becomes a huge health risk.”
     Who knew Jo was good for your health? The health factor never actually surfaced, so there was no bill to foot. Jo’s wry sense of humor and ability to deliver a double-entendre was simply unmatched.
     I had thought about these things a while ago. I had the acquaintance of an Australian toward the end of the last century named Jeremy at LaGuardia Airport. He was the last manager there for Eastern Airlines.
     I learned from Jeremy that the matey, blokey references between men from down under were born in the frontier culture of that country, when people had to stick together to win a war for survival.
     What’s clear is that unless you are at war, friendship is something different, something extra, a level of soul contact that mateship does not achieve.
     I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to be a friend of Jo Frigger.
     To Jo:   I think you speak to us even now, saying all is well, and having slipped the surly bonds of this mortal coil, you are now telling us that it is all right.
     Well, Jo, it is not all right. We miss you. We miss you badly. Have you read the words your colleagues have written? Can you hear us now?
     Here are some words from the poet Walt Whitman that I think capture Jo’s memory:

          “I depart as air, I shake my white locks at the runaway sun,
          I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags.
          I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,
          If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.
          You will hardly know who I am or what I mean,
          But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,
          And filter and fibre your blood.
          Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,
          Missing me one place search another,
          I stop somewhere waiting for you.”

     So, missing Jo one place, we search another, and hope he shall be good health to us nevertheless.
     All we need to do is raise his name.
     Jo was a natural born leader and he knew it wherever he was, including in the most pastoral parts of Germany, where Jo was born at a time in its history that was all, but simple—1940. In a restaurant near the water in Freeport, Long Island, New York on October 16, 2021, a large group gathered on Jo’s 81st birthday and as one, hearts were lifted celebrating Jo, that he might rest in peace and comfort with the love and mercy he so richly deserves.
     EMO Trans at 50 years in business continues its journey in 2021 as a vibrant growing company. With Karin Frigger as Chairwoman, and 250 offices in 120 countries worldwide, EMO continues to deliver the personalized service of a privately held company with the robust infrastructure of a multi-national leader.
     You tell this story, and you recall this unassuming truly great builder and dreamer of transportation is also relating what is best about our logistics industry.
     Happy New Year Jo, wherever you are.

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