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   Vol. 22 No. 5
Tuesday February 7, 2023

Donna is The Milk Of Human Kindness

Donna Mullins Manifest 2023

     All of us in the supply chain can take a lesson from Kale Info Solutions present at the Manifest 2023, last week at Caesar's Forum Hotel, Las Vegas.
     The Manifest conference brought 3,000 supply chain executives from all disciplines including – BCOs, ports, airports, logistics providers, technology providers, innovators, and investors.
     We like that Donna Mullins VP of Kale Logistics Solutions, who is a personal fave of ours was tapped to speak on the Airport & Air Cargo panel.
     Donna is smart, committed, solution & action minded and above all a wonderful human being.
     Early in COVID at a time people were frightened and dying and did not know what to expect, Donna learned some truckers were challenged getting meals at her home airport ATL so she went out to the cargo area and personally delivered food to truckers.
     Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, by the way is the U.S. gateway cargo operation that has been revolutionized by Kale Logistics Solutions.
     “Great opportunity," Donna said, "to discuss, along with some fabulous airport industry executives, how innovation and technology can and will improve air cargo throughput and land side move efficiencies.”
     Kale’s ACS TSM (Airport Community System Truck Slot Management portal) has benefited many airports around the globe and Donna, an industry veteran and logistician herself, is bringing awareness of this technology to the supply chain.
     “With AI, ML, and BI Kale is changing the old “I wonder if my cargo is ready” to “I can make an appointment to collect or deliver cargo to ground handling terminals based on the knowledge that I know the cargo is ready.
     “No more empty runs to the airport to collect cargo that is not ready; the technology gives advanced shipment notification to the handlers so they know in advance what the truck is bringing or picking up.
     “Kale also offers a PING product which is an AWB pdf converter that takes the paper AWB out and converts it to the electronic format.
     Benefits include reducing trucker waiting time as the handler/airline is staff is not keying the data – the data is already there.
     “Our Galaxy product is a next-gen warehouse management solution for cargo handlers that also houses the ACS and PING products.
     “Kale offers imagination via a suite of enterprise systems that complete a true Single Window for cargo moves,” Donna concluded.
     No doubt Kale, positioned for success with its better ideas is driven by people who never forget how important other people are.
     Sometimes observing a simple act of kindness like sharing a bit of Mom’s chicken can tell you a lot about someone.
     Feels good to think about Donna.
     She is the real deal, a true double threat with a solution to solve traffic jams in air cargo everywhere, and the milk of human kindness by the quart in every vein.

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