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   Vol. 22 No. 36
Wednesday October 11, 2023

New President At FIATA

Turgut Erkeskin

     FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations 2023 World Congress meeting last week took a big step in the right direction, electing Turgut Erkeskin, President for the next two years. Turgut, a futurist for sure, was handed over the office by past president Ivan Petrov at the closing dinner of the FIATA World Congress event.
     Turgut Erkeskin, a well-known and liked logistics organizer is President and CEO of Genel Transport, based in Istanbul. In addition to his years of service at FIATA he has been a go-to spokesman in Turkey for the industry at UTIKAD, where he also served as President.
     Mr. Erkeskin in his acceptance remarks last Thursday told FIATA delegates in Brussels about the demands of the century, and the dynamic change in our industry “which we must face together as a freight forwarding community.
     “FIATA stands stronger than ever, driven by an unconditional commitment to values which define our purpose: Excellence, collaboration, innovation, inclusion, responsibility.
     “Today we announce a new strategic vision, with which we will empower the entire logistics sector.
     “We believe in the power of transformation, and this power will come from within us.
     “Our global presence is immense, with a huge potential to shape the logistics industry.
     “Together we can harness our resources and expertise to make a more interconnected supply chain.
     “Streamlined processes and enhanced transparency are essential, in a future where logistics is the driving force behind global trade, economic development and sustainability.”

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