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   Vol. 22 No. 36
Wednesday October 11, 2023

Quikjet Takes Time And Wins

Dave Andrews, Cyrus Guzder, Sanand Karnik, CEO Capt. Preetham Philip

     Capt. Preetham Philip, CEO of the dedicated freighter airline and the rest of Team Quikjet have remained steady in the face of a challenging cargo business of India.
     Most of all, Capt. Philip is an extremely patient man.
     It is, perhaps, his passion of angling in the high seas that has made him patient and has also taught him to be persistent.
     That persistence has helped Quikjet to virtually “rise from the ashes" after a couple of false starts.
     The obstacles along the way have come in many forms: the economy, the rivalry and the slow, creaking, often tough to reach official machinery of India.
     Now operating two freighters for Amazon in India for the past eight months or so, Quikjet has established its credentials as a reliable partner.
     As a young company, Quikjet is doing well.
     Reports indicate that Amazon honchos have been pleased with Quikjet’s on-time performance and 60 minutes packet delivery.
     The Quikjet-Amazon tie-up is being served by two leased Quikjet Boeing 737-800s. Operated by Quikjet, Amazon Air, Amazon’s dedicated air cargo fleet in India—its fourth market outside the U.S., Canada and Europe is impressive delivering faster deliveries.
     Moreover, Quikjet is handling air movement for Amazon shipments to Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.
     “We are credible now,” said Capt. Philip.
     “Amazon is operating at a hight standard with us as we meet and exceed their expectations.
     “Word has been getting around and we are receiving a lot of queries.”
As for expansion plans:
     “Quikjet’ target is six aircraft, but that will depend on how the market shapes up,” Capt. Philip said.

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