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   Vol. 17 No. 77
Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Turkish Cargo Pharma Aero
Turkish Cargo leads the way in pharmaceutical transportation.
     At TIACA Air Cargo Forum in Toronto last month, Turhan Özen, Chief Cargo Officer accepts membership in Pharma.Aero.
     Pharma.Aero an organization that works to achieve excellence in reliable pharma transportation, by facilitating better working cooperation all along the supply chain, bringing pharmaceutical companies and logistic service and solution providers together.

     As Logitrans 2018 opens its yearly tradeshow expo in Istanbul, Turkey, November 14-16, we spoke to Turkish Airlines VP Cargo Turhan Özen.
     Not only is the news positive right now at Turkish Cargo, the ever-expanding, go-go world of Turkish Airlines is front and center as the opening of the newest and most advanced international airport in the world continues all this month in Istanbul.
     “We are very excited to report our all-new, purpose-built, advanced cargo center at New Istanbul International Airport is scheduled to open March 2019.
     “In terms of business for 2018, Turkish Cargo is delivering performance numbers in line with our drive to become one of the top five air cargo carriers in the world.
     “So far for the year in 2018, overall Turkish Cargo tonnage has risen 22 percent while revenue has increased 30 percent,” Turhan enthused.
     “For 2019 we remain positive and confident in projecting continued moderate growth.
     Mr. Özen also noted that Turkish Cargo continues to increase the number of QEP (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) accredited stations.
     “We now have QEP accreditation for 15 new stations, including Helsinki Taipei, Vienna, Kuwait, Maastricht, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Chicago, Madrid, Cairo, Roma, Dusseldorf, Budapest and San Francisco,” Turhan said.
     “All of our team looks forward to greeting our colleagues and business partners at Logitrans 2018 Istanbul.
     “Everyone is invited, welcomed, and encouraged to stop at our big display at the show to spend some time enjoying Turkish hospitality and learning more about what’s in store at Turkish Cargo, as we build our brand into the world’s best supply chain provider,” Turhan Özen said.

Geoffrey Arend and Emre Eldener
     Front & center as Logitrans opens in Istanbul this week is Emre Eldener (pictured here with FT Publisher Geoffrey Arend), President of the very important market force known as The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers or UTIKAD.
     Emre’s message to all is straight from the shoulder, right from the heart:
     “The word from UTIKAD,” Emre told FlyingTypers, “is that we are here for everyone.
     “Our mission is to serve all aspects of the transportation industry,” Emre declared.
     Founded in 1986, UTIKAD in 2018 is the most broad-based, comprehensive non-governmental organization in Turkish transportation today.
     As the voice of the Turkish transport and logistics sector, UTIKAD membership includes land, air, sea, rail, as well as port operations, warehousing and storage services, customs brokerage activities and logistics services.
     UTIKAD is also quite active, advancing programs of sustainable development.
     The organization conducts educational and training activities at many levels as it works to develop the next generation of logisticians in Turkey.
     “Many of the companies here at Logitrans are already our members, so this gathering affords us opportunity to go one-on-one and enhance understanding.
     “We invite everyone to talk to us, discuss issues, including their concerns and needs. Logitrans is a forum, an open house for UTIKAD to not just network, but to also exchange ideas and opinions,” Emre declared.
     “I encourage the entire shipping community to visit UTIKAD at Logitrans Istanbul,” Emre Eldener said.

Nadia Abdul Aziz

The National Association of Freight & Logistics (NAFL) in Dubai is one great organization that is constantly trying to lead by example.
     Here we learn what can be done by sponsoring new companies with port visits, familiarization activities, and advancing education and training that brings out the best in the shipping community.
     “If someone wants to form a company in UAE we can help them,” President Nadia Abdul Aziz assures.
     “A lot of companies offer to help, but end up saying ‘pay me, pay me’ to establish a business.
     “NAFL will not ask for money. Not only that, we can show how to set up a company to do business in UAE, and often get it done in a few hours,” Nadia said.

About NAFL

     “This association has been serving the needs of its members since it was incorporated 24 years ago.
     “We aim at delivering excellence through education and training.
     “NAFL certificate programs are available on many platforms.
     “Our JVs with global universities for e-learning courses is an excellent option.
     “There are e-learning courses in our portfolio from Harvard University, Princeton, Berkeley, and MIT for both International Transportation & Trade and Essentials of Freight Forwarding.”

FIATA Partners

     Nadia Abdul Aziz is the first Emirati woman to be nominated as Vice-President of the Global Extended Board of the International Association of Freight Forwarders (FIATA), which represents more than 44,000 forwarding and logistics firms in 150 countries.

Education Job One

     “NAFL also partners with FIATA for an exchange program on our e-portal.
     “Our main focus for 2018 and beyond is to enhance standards with high-quality, hands-on training and on-the-job experience.
     “In UAE we sponsor students to take freight courses at our association as part of our CSR activities and also to attract more talent in the industry.”

Reason To Continue

     “I joined NAFL and today serve as President to bring innovation and advanced usage of technology to the industry, as well as to change the way business is being handled, to steer the industry toward a more ethical and sustainable atmosphere,” Nadia said.
     “I am committed to further strengthening the UAE’s position as a global logistics hub, raising industry standards through our professional FIATA training courses and e-platforms, and I will always work on opening doors of opportunities to our respected members as well as our country.”
NAFL is exhibiting at Logitrans Istanbul from November 14-16 2018.
     “Hope to see you there,” Nadia declared.
     Works for us.

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