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   Vol. 18 No. 27
Friday April 12, 2019

Atlas Southern DHL Pilots Protest

     Atlas Air, Southern Air and ABX Air, (ABX pilots fly for DHL) protested Thursday April 11 at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) “to raise alarm about the worsening problems at their carriers and to call for an end to stalled contract negotiations.”
     “CVG is the largest hub for each of the airlines,” Airline Professionals Association (APA), Teamsters Local 1224 which represent the pilots said.
     Atlas Air and Southern Air are owned by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) while ABX Air Inc. is a subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG).
     AAWW and ATSG’s major customers include Amazon, DHL, the Armed Forces and other organizations.
     The pilots have been trying to improve their lot with Atlas and the rest for some time now, apparently with no luck.
      The pilots say that they face serious operational problems that are exacerbated by labor contracts far below industry standards.
     Reportedly more than 60 percent of pilots who participated in a recent survey about the working conditions are preparing to leave their carrier and are seeking work elsewhere.

Chuckles For April 8, 2014

Lionel Smith

Air Cargo Integrators (ACI) CEO Lionel Smith is surveying the trade show scene at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum that took place in Toronto, Canada, in mid-October 2018.
     As he looks up and down the aisle, Lionel, at six feet, seven inches tall, enjoys a unique vantage point.
     Born in Kenya and on the scene in Dubai cargo for the past several decades, Smith is a transportation executive that stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. He joins a cadre of special people we have known during our 44 years on this beat.

Legacy Of Greats

     The fact is, whether in Dubai or JFK or Toledo, Ohio, air cargo centers have brought some very special people to the fore.
     Sean McCool in Dublin; Robert “Peachy” Keen at LHR; Jack Kane at ORD for Flying Tigers; Maria Canino, who in 1978 was top cargo executive at Kuwait Airways in New York; Buz Whalen and Rudy Auslander at JAL; Jim Larsen, first at Seaboard and later at Port Authority of New York & New Jersey; Claude Bijaoui at CDG & Miami Cargo . . . the list goes on.
     All were/are unique and have driven higher the art of cargo sales, marketing, ground handling, and freight forwarding.

Where Others Fear To Tread

     Lionel Smith not only stands above. In a crowd of ground handlers he also stands out for his inventiveness, love of the business, and openhearted effort to deliver cargo where others fear to tread.
     We met Lionel a decade ago in 2008 at the bustling Dubai Airport Free Zone. He was serving as managing director of ACI during a time when he was overseeing many successful cargo charter flights across the world, especially in outsized projects, transit shipments, emergency relief, and air drops in war zones including Iraq and Afghanistan.
     “I recall that we were flying charter flights into Kabul, Afghanistan, where Air Cargo Integrators Afghanistan Ltd. was situated.
     “ACI worked with WSI World Security Initiatives (WSI) Kabul, to deliver value added services including airport reception; trans-shipment i.e. air to air, sea to air, freight reception, and door-to-door service from Baghdad and Erbil.
     “We also were early boots on the ground, offering door-to-door delivery service within Afghanistan from our bonded warehouse facility located on Jalalabad Road, Kabul.
     “ACI was also very early in, offering several weekly frequencies a week to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP).”

Passion At Work

     Today based at Dubai World Central (DWC), Smith has opened a giant cargo warehouse that looks like it is ten blocks long. They painted the place bright white.
     But that is not the big deal here—what goes on inside stands out.
     The company also operates offices in Mumbai, Nairobi, and London Heathrow.
     The manner that Lionel has gone about his business, especially the passion in the way he stands up for his customers and backs his product to a degree that is uncommon today, is just outstanding.
     “‘People, Partnership, and Performance’ are at the forefront of our business philosophy,” Lionel says.
     “ACI Logistics counts our people as our strongest asset.
     “Passion for work, altruistic commitment, and business acumen have to date crafted strong partnerships with our valued customers.
     “We take pride in what we have achieved and remain committed to consistently providing quality Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, and Logistic solutions to all our clients, placing emphasis on safety, quality, and sustainability in all areas of our work.
     “ACI offers a full portfolio of reliable, high quality air, sea, and rail freight services for cargo of all sizes, including general forwarding, contract management, project forwarding, and break bulk management,” Lionel said.
     “We work on an equal footing with everyone,” Lionel smiled, adding, “We never talk down to anyone!”

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Virgin Cargo gets new handling in Lagos April 10 to serve its booming cargo business.

Virgin Moves Nigeria Pharma Builds
Tania Boyes     Tania Boyes, Director – Cargo Operations at Virgin Atlantic was upbeat as Virgin Atlantic Cargo awarded a five-year import /export handling contract to Sifax SAHCOL in Lagos beginning this week on April 10.
     “Lagos has been an important cargo market for us for more than 17 years,” Tania said, adding, “we are forecasting further growth in our export and import volumes in 2019.
     “By moving to a larger and more modern facility, we can improve our product and service offerings for the growing number of companies moving goods to and from Nigeria,” Tania said.
     In 2018, the carrier delivered a 19% boost in export volumes, coupled with higher inbound demand driven in large part by the pharmaceutical and courier sectors.
     Sifax SAHCOL operates a 22,000 sqm, 22 truck bay cargo transfer and warehouse facility at Murtala Muhammed International Airport with cold room for perishables and temperature-sensitive shipments, and dedicated locations for courier and high value cargo, plus 24/7 CCTV coverage, access control systems, screening technology and control room security.
     Virgin Atlantic serves Nigeria with daily flights – operated by Airbus A340-600 aircraft that offer up to 20 tons of cargo capacity.
     “VN Cargo Connect continues in its role as Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s General Sales and Service Agency in Nigeria,” Tania Boyes said.
     “We thank our previous handling provider, NAHCO, for their support since we commenced operations on the route.”

SwissWorld and WFS NY GDP compliant JFK
  Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Swiss WorldCargo launched New York’s first GDP-compliant airport facility and everybody showed up for the photo shoot.
  From Left—Jo Palermo, General Manager Bldg. 66 JFK; Rinzing Wangyal, VP of Business Planning, WFS; Tameika Thomas, Special Products Manager, WFS; Kathy Roberts, Director Quality and Training, WFS; Michael Simpson, EVP Americas, WFS; Michael Ganz, Head of Cargo Northeast USA and Canada, Swiss WorldCargo; Octavian David, Manager, Cargo New York, Swiss WorldCargo and Richard Hoffer, Manager, Indoor Sales and Operations, New York, Swiss WorldCargo.
  "We are very excited that New York’s first GDP-compliant airline facility is located at Swiss WorldCargo’s warehouse,” said Michael Ganz, We get that!
Doolittle Raider Cole

     The attack took place less than five months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941.
     Jimmy Doolittle moved from aviation hero and 1930s stunt pilot to immortality, leading an intrepid band of hero airmen on a daring raid of Tokyo at a time when the morale and spirit of America was badly impacted by Pearl Harbor.
     When news broke that a force of B25 light bombers had taken off from the bobbing decks of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers under cover of darkness and flown all the way to Tokyo, dumping bombs on the supposedly invincible Empire of Japan, it lifted the nation and gave the United States a badly needed shot in the arm.
     President Roosevelt thanked General Doolittle, awarding the airman the Congressional Medal of Honor.
     Every year after WWII, the 80 Tokyo Raiders would gather to remember and relive the past.
     But as time went on, The Tokyo Riders saw their numbers dwindle down to just one.
     Now Lieutenant Colonel Richard “Dick” Cole, the copilot of General Jimmy Doolittle and the last of the 80 Tokyo Raiders, died Tuesday at a military hospital in Texas.
     He was 103.
     His last public appearance was April 18, 2017, when he alone represented his comrades for the raid’s 75th anniversary at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force near Dayton, Ohio.
     We bid a final farewell to the people who lifted a nation in early 1942.
     But thinking about the Doolittle Raiders, there will always be one.

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