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   Vol. 18 No. 6
Friday January 18, 2019

Shutdown Described As "Devastating"

Government Shutdown Devastating

Closure Air Cargo ViewpointMore reaction as that U.S. Government shutdown enters its fourth week . . .
   “Devastating,” an industry source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told FlyingTypers.
   “Because of reduced staff at FDA as example, Pharma in many cases cannot be cleared in a timely matter.
   “Although facilities have to guarantee viability and safety of the pharma shipments, storage costs are sky-rocketing.
   “As far as USDA Inspectors also, the same reduced staff situation brings food safety into question.
   “If the slowdown continues for much longer, during the next few weeks we will see fruits and vegetables impacted.
   “In other words, if this shutdown situation continues, the kind of freshness that is enjoyed by Americans, because of airspeed and streamlined clearance, will no longer exist."
   Elsewhere, FlyingTypers was told that, “the human side of the shutdown ordeal has been met in part by local communities and even some airport authorities that have moved to provide food and other assistance to TSA workers that are reporting to the job to keep passengers moving safely throughout this ordeal.
   “The consequence of this 28-day (to date) government shutdown brings both an economic and human cost,” the source said.
   “TSA workers and others in transportation, in many cases, are living paycheck to paycheck.
   “Take paychecks away for this long from these people, and you can only imagine the upheaval and frustration and fear right now, of not being able to make ends meet.”

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