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   Vol. 19 No. 7
Friday January 31, 2020
EMO Trans Thailand Go
Bernhard Stock, Amarit Pansiri, Marco Rohrer, Tom Bayes and Aswin Pansiri
Pictured left to right, at the EMO Trans Thailand Office—Bernhard Stock, Amarit Pansiri, Marco Rohrer, Tom Bayes, and Aswin Pansiri (Managing Director of EMO Thailand)

Jo Frigger"We are very pleased to establish an official EMO Trans presence in Thailand as part of our Asia strategy," Jo Frigger, Chairman told FlyingTypers, as EMO Trans, Inc., the innovative, leading provider of international logistics and supply chain solutions, announced the opening of EMO Trans (Thailand) Co., Ltd. next week on February 3, 2020.
  "We see tremendous potential for growth in this dynamic market," Marco Rohrer, President and CEO declared.
  Mr. Aswi Pansiri has been appointed Managing Director of EMO Trans (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Mr. Pansiri is supported by Branch Manager Ms. Natthiya Sancum.
  Headquartered in Garden City, New York, EMO Trans was founded in 1965 and provides a broad range of customized logistics solutions through its global network.
  Marco added, “we are also looking forward to the official launch of our exclusive partnership with Bidvest International Logistics effective February 1. Our alliance presents increased opportunities for our customers, and we intend to become the leading logistics provider for trade with South Africa."
  “EMO Trans has had one mission since our founding in Stuttgart 55 years ago,” Jo Frigger declared, “success by performance through exceptional global logistics.
  “With more than 250 offices in 120 countries we’re proud to deliver the personalized service of a privately held company with the robust infrastructure of a multi-national leader.
  “Trust the expertise, ingenuity and commitment of the EMO Trans team for creative, customized logistics to solve your most complex cargo challenges,” Jo Frigger concluded.
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