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   Vol. 15  No. 21
Monday March 14, 2016

Imagine Ray Curtis With Superpowers

Imagine Ray Curtis With Superpowers

     As the chief cargo officer at Delta Airlines Cargo, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing Ray Curtis is many things to a host of people around the world.
     During more than 30 years in the air cargo business, Ray has continuously moved up the ladder, equipped with the experience of belonging to a transportation family—his mom, Joan, was a well-known early pioneer in cargo, working for a forwarder at JFK International Airport in New York.
     Today at the helm of one of the great air cargo resources on the planet, Ray-Ray—as we like to call him—is still the same approachable, engaging dreamer and doer of the air cargo form, despite the weight of that great responsibility.
     Air cargo is never “old hat” to Ray Curtis.
     Ray lives in an air cargo industry that continues to evolve and inspire him at every turn.

Challenges of 2016
     “In looking at 2016, we know that the first quarter has been a challenge with, for example, year-over-year comparisons due to the West Coast Port issue of last year. 
     “We also continue to see excess capacity in the industry that continues to place pressure on many aspects of the business.
     “Q2 is just around the corner and moving forward there are opportunities to capitalize on to drive gains. ‎
     “The main factors for the changes we all see in air cargo are from a maturing of advanced technologies adding greater efficiencies and taking out costs for transportation,” said Ray Curtis.
     “Add to that modal shifts and geography, and we see changes in Asia and on the transatlantic with more time-viable offerings.
     “The size of goods shipped is changing; the advent of near shoring with some plants relocating from Asia to Mexico continues the movement of products into the U.S. market in a different way.
     “Yet, despite all the change, still today an estimated 70-75 percent of global air cargo fits on non-freighter aircraft.”

Perishables As A Foundation Business

     “Perishable products are a key component of our business and we will continue to make investments to support the efficient and reliable transportation for these products in line with the needs of our customers.
     “In fact, we have increased the staffing of our product team, allowing us to more keenly focus on needs and growing our business.
     “At Delta Cargo, worldwide cooler facilities are set up to support the temperature control environments required to store perishables in transit and on arrival.
     “We invested and opened a state-of-the-art, 3,000-square-foot cooler in our Detroit facility, which features two drive-through doors with pallet-capable storage that increases capacity for shipments of pharmaceuticals, flowers, and seafood as well as fruits and vegetables in ideal climate conditions.
     “Delta and Miami International Airport celebrated 70 years of continual service by our airline into Miami last December 2015. Delta Cargo today operates a 36,000-square-foot, co-location facility in Miami with Virgin Atlantic, one of our joint venture partners.
     “DL at MIA features a 7,200-square-foot cooler space with temperature tracking capabilities and monitoring systems allowing for ideal temperature control.
     “System-wide, Delta Cargo continues to make investments to support this key component of our business.”

A Matter Of Attention

     The industry needs to continue to be innovative ‎and collaborative to enhance the value proposition of air cargo.
     “As a team we continue laser-like focus on delivering a consistent and reliable value proposition, keeping relevant in every aspect of the global air cargo business.
     “Delta Airlines invests in technology and aligns our investments with what our customers need.
     “Efficiency in moving data and accuracy are vitally important.
     “Above all, every member of our team understands that we are here with only one purpose—to never forget the importance of our customers, business partners, and alliance partners,” Ray Curtis said.

What If You Had Superpowers?

“Well, I guess the first thing would be to convert all surface cargo to air freight,” said Ray Ray.
     He added:
     “As part of Delta’s culture of giving back, having safety and nourishment for all children would be top of my mind.”
     Somehow, we get the feeling Ray-Ray’s heart and soul contribute greatly to how things are done, functioning as a prime driver of raising the form at Delta Cargo.

WCS 2016 In Berlin

     “Participating in key industry events such as WCS here in Berlin is paramount not only to the business of Delta, but also the industry. “It’s about being collaborative.
     “Air cargo needs to continue to strengthen and affirm the value proposition for air freight.
     “As part of that, there should be a quality platform that all can embrace.
     “When you look at the DOT monthly published metrics regarding airline industry, it is the same measurement regardless of carrier.
     “Air cargo faces challenges in that not all companies have the same KPI’s, so it’s not as easy when we are fragmented.”

Looking At Life

     “I would say the surprise of the world today is the speed of business and also life in general.
     “You can reflect and see how business has evolved, and how technology brings efficiency.
     “The advent of the Internet … and speed of business continue to accelerate everything, so while you intellectually realize that it will continue to advance, for me the speed of advancements on so many fronts never ceases to amaze. I even at times wonder: ‘How do you insure that you are not in the wait for me mode?’”

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