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Wednesday March 14, 2018

Pioneer Badat Leads FIATA
Pioneer Badat

     As The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) begins its crucial headquarters session in Zurich, Switzerland, March 14-16, we spoke to Babar Badat who was recently named President of the 91-year-old organization.
      After talking for a few minutes with Babar, who also serves as Managing Director of Transfreight Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. of Karachi, Pakistan, it’s easy to understand why this effusive and approachable executive was elevated to the post of President of FIATA for the next two years.
      In addition to his duties atop the largest airfreight association on the planet, Mr. Badat is the well-liked leader and pioneering organizer of a robust and effective logistics industry that has become a bright spot on the Pakistani landscape.


The Badat Agenda

      “FIATA is a very large global organization representing the freight forwarding & logistics community.
      “FIATA has a growing role to play in the fast changing international transport environment.
      “In recent years the need for better global connectivity has been championed by FIATA.
      “The result is that today’s large scale infrastructure investment around the world will no doubt lead to better connectivity. Technology drives many other changes today.
      “FIATA is well aware of change and is continually preparing & positioning ourselves for the future.
      “During the past half dozen years, FIATA has engaged extensively on various international transport forums around the world.
      “I intend to continue this momentum,” Babar Badat said.


FIATA January In Pakistan

      In an outreach effort to secure better knowledge and understanding of the shipping world, the FIATA Presidency traveled to Pakistan for its January meeting.
      “FIATA Presidency members usually decide on a relevant and convenient location, so with an economy that is growing at above 5 percent, and a President of FIATA that knows the country, I am delighted to report that membership elected to conduct our important early 2018 meetings in Pakistan.
      “The Pakistan story is exciting.
      “For example, right now there are huge infrastructure projects underway worth more than U.S. $60 billion that are propelling the logistics industry.”


Lowdown On Lahore

      “We conducted meetings in Lahore.
      “Lahore served as base and opportunity for FIATA membership to witness first hand the dynamic growth and business climate in a place that is historically the sister city of New Delhi.
      “Come September, Delhi will host the huge FIATA Annual Global Conference, so we felt the location was a natural.
      “We also included a visit to Islamabad.
      “In ‘Pakistan’s Capital City’ FIATA conferees met and spoke with Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.”


First Impressions

    “As our meetings and touring progressed, it was revealed that this was the first time that any of the FIATA members had been to Pakistan.
      “Even more interesting,” Babar Badat exclaimed, “and useful moving ahead as Pakistan emerges on the world scene, is learning first hand that here is a country of 200 million people with a large agrarian economy, and a diverse landscape that sits in a very busy neighborhood.”


A Great People

      “Perhaps even better, FIATA delegates learned that the Pakistani people are friendly and the food is quite good.
      “I believe most in our party were pleasantly surprised by what they saw and learned about Pakistan.”


Pioneer In Pakistan

      Mr. Badat is a founder and served as first Chairman of the Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA), which has grown from just a few companies in 2005 to more than 500 today.
      The role of PIFFA includes support for Pakistan trade worldwide and the development and maintenance of a healthy international freight industry within Pakistan.
      “PIFFA also works to ensure that a level playing field exists for companies involved in attempting to establish and maintain the movement of freight both in the country and worldwide by all modes of transport,” Babar Badat assures.
      “PIFFA promotes the freight/logistics service industry as a whole.
      “The Association aims to achieve standardization in the industry and to promote a high degree of professional conduct among its members, including ethics and financial viability.
      “PIFFA has also been instrumental in establishing and continuously updating the industry’s S.T.C (Standard Trading Conditions).
      “PIFFA sees Pakistan’s historic and geographic position and well-educated population as building blocks to trade development and business expansion for the country,” Mr. Badat concluded.


One Step at a Time

      Babar Badat uses his unique position to drive the destiny of his homeland into the modern logistics world. Despite the many well-publicized challenges, he remains convinced Pakistan’s day is coming.
      “You must always maintain your sense of purpose and mission to build on the great potential of the country.
      “It also does not hurt to maintain your sense of humor,” Mr. Badat smiles.
For Info on FIATA World Congress 2018 India, click here.

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