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   Vol. 17 No. 27
Friday May 4, 2018

EMO Trans Moves White Gold To New York

EMO Trans Team at a recent White Aspargus Gala.

     “Spargelzeit,” the annual season of madness in Germany, is once again upon us with white asparagus in full swing.
     Now as the tulips, daffodils, and lilacs open, signaling the end (finally) of winter, the appearance of fat, juicy asparagus spears is reason enough for people from Berlin to Bavaria and all the way to New York City to celebrate.

Simple Recipe

     There are plenty of ways to enjoy the spargel, but the best we think is the simplest. Present the cooked delicacy with butter & hollandaise sauce accompanied with a bit of thinly sliced bauernschinken and small white boiled potatoes on the side.
     For the record, bauernschinken, or farmer’s ham, is a flat, smoked, air-dried meat (similar to prosciutto) made in Austria, particularly in the area of Styria.
     Of course, the entire white asparagus feast should be washed down with either a nice dry Riesling or a beer.

A Moveable Feast

     In New York, where the white asparagus is rare, EMO Trans has come up with a fix that spreads the same joy the first class logistics expert delivers worldwide.
     Every year for as far back as we can remember, EMO has shipped a pallet of the white gold for the annual German American Chamber of Commerce White Asparagus Gala Dinner.
     This year the event takes place in Manhattan atop the Tribeca Rooftop on Desbrosses Street on May 10 from 6:30-11:30pm.
     Irene Fuchs, who organizes the event for GACC, told FlyingTypers, “The evening kicks off with a sunset reception on Tribeca Rooftop Terrace with sweeping views of the Big Apple.
     “Once dinner ends, our after party begins, featuring sizzling music, drinks, and more networking,” Irene assures.
     Not sure if there will be an oompah band, but here is our favorite Spargelzeit tune. With asparagus in the lyrics, the Comedian Harmonists recorded “Veronika” in 1929.


More Info: https://mychamber.gaccny.com

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