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   Vol. 17 No. 26
Tuesday May 1, 2018


     CNS 2018 Partnership Conference is changing the way it delivers information next week in Palm Springs at its 28th annual gathering, this year at La Quinta Resort from May 6-9.
     This time look for less plenary sessions but more access to useful information via a smaller venue in the exhibition area called the CNS Innovation Stage.
     The idea is to change the dynamic so that conferees can meet with customers and also find easy access to informative presentations from across the air cargo supply chain.
     “This format,” said Mike White CNS President, “offers an ongoing stream of important information on airlines, airports, economics, financial, humanitarian, trucking, warehousing, and much more. Each presentation will be 20-30 minutes, allowing access for short breaks between presentations and time for attendees to refresh and meet with the exhibitors.
     “Many of the speakers will discuss how their product, ideas, or partnering can help improve the air cargo operations.

Private Eyes & Dog Days

     “CNS Innovation Stage, for example, will have presentations from Smiths Detection on the technology side, and K2 Solutions will provide an update on the new TSA regulations on canines,” Mike White said.
     “Presenters from Airlines for America, IATA, PayCargo, and Logistics Capital & Strategy will also be featured.
     “Down on the ground, CNS will offer airports, software providers, financial services and others opportunity to share information on how they are doing their part to reduce the transaction time and congestion on the truck dock.
     “We will even take a look at how autonomous vehicles may play a part in the future in the movement of cargo.
     “Turkish Airlines Cargo will be providing their vision of the future as they grow globally and preview their grand new hub in Istanbul,” Mike White said.

Looking At Tomorrow

     “As our industry prepares for tomorrow’s reality we must look at the building blocks for change.
     “Air cargo must figure out how to get through the airports faster.
     “Air cargo must never forget the ongoing security threat and the possible implications of improper shipping of dangerous goods. The industry must also continue to engage the growth of e-commerce that requires us to rethink air cargo.
     “Our goal at CNS is to be the catalyst for needed change.
     “At CNS we hope that our 2018 gathering, which promises a record number of attendees, will foster new knowledge, new friends, good discussions, and a worthwhile time all around,” Mike White said.

    India is looking forward to promoting trade with Britain and the Commonwealth after Brexit kicks in.
       The recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) in London that was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi—who apparently was wooed to attend the meet by none other than Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall in November last year—was an opportunity for Britain to push bilateral trade, which in 2015-16 was $14.02 billion.
       Even as the India-Britain meeting saw the chalking out of a plan of a post-Brexit bilateral free trade deal, the Commonwealth (with its membership of 53 nations) has moved ahead.


Brexiteers Cut Off EU

       In fact, those who were keen to cut off ties with the European Union, the Brexiteers, have been saying that the opportunity had come for crafting out trade deals with growing Commonwealth economies like India.
       It was because of the EU that Britain could not trade freely with other countries.


Trade Hub India

       Now, the Commonwealth wants to set up a trade hub in India that will promote trade and investment after Brexit. Patricia Scotland, (right) Commonwealth Secretary-General, who was in India some time ago, was quoted saying that the Commonwealth was “thinking of a hub in India to promote trade and investment within the Commonwealth, especially among the MSMEs (medium and small enterprises).”


Commonwealth Advantage?

       There is a reason: Intra-Commonwealth trade is estimated to touch $1 trillion in 2020 because of the “Commonwealth Advantage,” according to the Commonwealth Secretariat.
       Scotland had mentioned a 2015 study that said Commonwealth states had an advantage of 19 percent over other countries when “they trade with or invest in each other.”
       The Commonwealth nations, according to reports, have a 45 percent share (it was only 40 percent two years ago) of India’s international trade, which comes from the Commonwealth countries:
       Exports from India to the Commonwealth were $56 billion in 2015 and imports, $62 billion.
       Meanwhile, India is keen on a free-trade deal with the EU that is apparently being worked even as the UK has been targeting India for a similar deal.


Pharma, Defense & Smart Cities

       According to the UK-India Business Council (UKIBC), a huge potential exists in sectors including manufacturing, defense, pharma, and start-ups to boost investments between India and the UK. “Exciting trends in digitization, including the onset of 4-IR (industrial revolution), are creating new investment opportunities.
       The rise of smart cities, the potential of fintech, along with the start-up culture, has generated areas where investment potential is exponential, but as yet largely untapped,” the ‘UK and India bilateral investment relationship’ report said.
       Seeking early negotiations for a free trade agreement, the UKIBC report mentioned that the current business environment in both countries was conducive for mutual investment relationships.


Flagship Program

       In fact, the Indian High Commission is London has created what it referred to as a flagship program, the Access India Programme (AIP) in the UK. The first of its kind market entry support programme is meant to provide UK businesses access to the Indian Government’s Make in India initiative. AIP focuses on providing support to small and medium UK enterprises.
Tirthankar Ghosh

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RE: Trump Effect One Year Later

Klaus HollerDear Geoffrey,

     Still following your publication with much interest.
     Bill Boesch boosting President Trump’s “achievements” in recent articles make me wonder.
     As a vivid reader of The New York Times and through other accounts, I can only wonder. (Or do I read Fake News?)

Best regards,
Klaus Holler


     Thanks for writing.
     Hope that you are enjoying a well-earned retirement at home and with your loved ones.
     Have thought about your letter as we really appreciate an opportunity to discuss further.
     Firstly, anyone who controls news publications can make events positive or negative.
     They (NYT) were the kings with the power. For example, you can say “He is a hard worker and spends 80 percent of his time traveling, which makes his company one of the top providers,” or you can say, “He focuses on his job at the expense of his wife and children who are growing up without a father.”

May Not Be Apparent

     The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CNBC are looking at a serious problem.
     President Trump is using public internet sites to speak directly to the people, so these news agencies no longer have as much control. That is very dangerous to their business and reduces much of their power. They don’t like it and therefore don’t like Trump. They have gotten away from double-checking their facts and many times print rumors as facts.

Are they Tabloids or News?

     I just read that this is also happening in Europe and they are putting up a board to catch and stop ‘Fake News.”
     But this is also as dangerous as controlling what is printed, which is very dangerous to a free society.
     I listen to Fox, CNN, and BBC News. I read the NY Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. I also read the ratings on these news agencies to see if they report both the pros and cons.      Then I research the news reports and make up my mind. There are a lot of things about Trump’s policies that I disagree with and his threats on Trade is one of them.
     But there are also many things that I agree with and I try to show both sides.
     I wish the news agencies did the same.

A Final Thought

Trump is a business man and negotiation is his trade. He may be doing some of this stuff to get what he really wants. Look at NATO, Syria, Russia, North Korea, and China. Better yet, look at the stock market. Some of my friends own small businesses and they tell me that their first quarter results almost equal their business in all of 2017.

Subscription Ad

   Our friend Pertti Mero, who moved from the airline cargo business into fostering much needed training for airline employees worldwide when he founded Airport College in Helsinki, Finland, has now moved into a cooperation with Canadian-based ULD CARE to develop online training courses.
   “We believe that this new cooperation provides us a unique possibility to work closely with ULD CARE to further develop our online Unit Load Device (ULD) Handling training courses,” Pertti said.
   “ULD CARE is delighted to enter into this agreement with Airport College International,” says Vice President Bob Rogers.
   “Training is the critical piece of the puzzle in the ULD handling chain that ensures workers, managers, and executives have the best information available to improve safety, reduce injuries, and provide a smoother flow of ULD throughout the air cargo system.”

“JFK EXPO 2018: Insight, Foresight, and Spotlight” is this year’s theme. Over 300 industry professionals attended last year’s event and EXPO 2018 is anticipated to attract even greater numbers.

Individual Ticket: $95.00
Expo Table (Includes one lunch): $300.00

For More:
To Register: click here

     Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday in 2018, affording readers a nice chance to spend the weekend with margaritas, chavelas, or just go all in with shots of Patrón.
     For people that want to get a head start on Cargo Network Services (CNS) Annual Partnership Conference (beginning Sunday, May 6 with a golf tournament), here is what’s happening in the always very hip Coachella Valley for Cinco de Mayo.
     Of course, the host CNS hotel “Waldorf Astoria” will feature the lovely and sumptuous Adobe Bar & Grill, Mariachi music, and a relaxing evening.

Cinco de Saguaro Pool Party

     But The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs, located 18 miles away in Palm Springs, is hosting a poolside party on Saturday, May 5, celebrating Mexican culture & life through music, community, and the spirit of the Mojave Desert.
     With a DJ spinning the best, it is strictly rhythm-driven desert vibes. Elsewhere, “Dringk” a Rancho Mirage restaurant/bar about 10 miles from the CNS host hotel, offers low-priced food and drink options for Cinco de Mayo, with live music, specials including $4 margaritas, $4 Modelo drafts, $4 tequila shooters, $4 Mexican candy shots and $2.50 street tacos. Las Casuelas Terraza in downtown Palm Springs will celebrate May 5 with a traditional mariachi band and food, and guests will be able to add a special shot of premium Casamigos Tequila to any margarita for only $4. It starts at 11:00 and goes until Sunday at 12:30am.

Right Under Your Nose In Old Town

     Our top choice for genuine flavor of the day is an event in the upbeat City of La Quinta, only 4 minutes away from the host hotel. It begins at 18:00 and continues until 21:00 (or longer), pairing an authentic fiesta with unique South-of-the Border flavors from some of La Quinta’s best restaurants including tequila and taco tastings for only $5 each at Solano’s West Coast Bistro, The Grill on Main, Old Town Tavern – Barbeque & More, and Stuft Pizza. Each restaurant will offer a different brand of tequila and a distinctive food tasting.
     Not sure if Chef Brett from The Grill on Main will offer his irresistible Cast Iron Baked Brie appetizer served with honeycomb, fig chutney, dates, candied walnuts, roasted garlic and artisan bread, but I can dream, can’t I?
     The special Cinco season features include Mariachi music on Main Street and an outdoor beer and wine garden. Free admission & parking.

Cinco Swam Before The Party

     On May 5, 1862, France was at war with Mexico and attacked the City of Puebla, where two forts blocked the advance of the French troops.
     Before the day was over, one of the forts was destroyed and the Battle of Puebla went to Mexico.
     The battlefield is now a city park, with a statue of General Zaragoza, Mexico’s hero of the encounter, on horseback near a war museum.
     Cinco de Mayo is a national day of celebration in both Mexico and the U.S.
     This year as CNS meets in Palm Springs, California, we raise our glass to everyone and better times all around during 2018 and beyond.
     Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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