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   Vol. 17 No. 29
Tuesday May 8, 2018

Dynamic Duo Fast Track CNS

     “Digitalization is coming whether you like it or not,” declared new CNS President Mike White, as CNS Partnership opened for business on Monday, May 7.
     “However, change will need complete, clear two-way understanding between all parties involved in the process of moving air cargo.
     “Help us by sharing information on the things that are important to you in your daily business.
     “Together we will make this business and our industry great.”
     Mike White’s debut as CNS President was a triumphant overture to CNS, inarguably one of the most important global industry gatherings.
     Mike brought the conference to order with a wide-ranging, inclusive presentation that also recognized the newly appointed CNS Board.
     Bringing CNS Board Member Brandon Fried, who has fast become the face and voice of freight forwarding in the U.S. to the stage for a fifteen-minute discussion (not a speech) at 08:30 in the morning, was a bravura turn in leveling the “partnership” playing field right out of the gate.
     To his credit, Brandon deftly fielded a battery of questions from Mike that covered much in the long-held association between airlines and forwarders. Brandon always returned to his oft-repeated point to a fairly packed room of people who had not even had their second cup of coffee at this first CNS Partnership session:
     “I think,” Brandon declared, “that the airlines and forwarders have to make a serious effort to maintain the partnership because we are indeed partners in air cargo.
     “We, (the freight forwarders) are the boots on the ground.
     “The airlines should stick to what they do best and that is transporting air cargo from airport to airport.
     “The airlines should allow forwarders to do their job and that means handling relationships with shippers.
     “Forwarders are the part of this industry out front with the shippers, at their weddings, bar mitzvahs, and so on.
     “Most important,” reiterated Fried, who also serves as President of AirForwarders Association, “is to let us do our job.”
     Talk about setting a tone and bringing life to the discussion.
     Kudos to Mike and Brandon.
     Both propelled the walk and talk sessions to a high point at CNS on Monday.

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