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Monday May 7, 2018

From left to right—Helen Kristensen, Managing Director Strategic Accounts-United Airlines Cargo; Jim Bellinder, Vice President Cargo Sales Americas-United Airlines Cargo; Bernhard Kindelbacher, Head of Area Management The Americas-Lufthansa Cargo; Dorothea von Boxberg, Vice President Global Sales Management-Lufthansa Cargo; Jan Krems, President Cargo-United Airlines Cargo; Vanya Bukova, Account Executive-United Airlines Cargo and Lidia Dawid, Strategic Partner Manager-United Airlines Cargo.

     CNS Partnership was off to the races in Palm Springs this week, with a warm reception for partners and friends, as United & Lufthansa celebrated their just announced air cargo alliance partnership in style.
     “We are not an overnight sensation but have worked on developing our partnership during the past five years,” said Jim Bellinder, Vice President, United Cargo Sales-Americas.
     “We have just completed moving our first couple of dozen shipments and cannot wait for tomorrow, because we look better everyday.
     “We thank everyone for their business and faith in us,” ‘Bodacious’ Jim Bellinder exclaimed.
     “We are very excited to move our cargo business to a new level,” said Bernhard Kindelbacher, Head of Area Management The Americas, Lufthansa Cargo.
     “We had a very good year in 2017 and are moving ahead with even better business in 2018.
     “Our air cargo joint venture will bring a new level of cooperation and service excellence to the industry.”

     The event also brought Dorothea von Boxberg center stage. Dorothea takes over August 1 as Chief Commercial Officer, Lufthansa Cargo, making her the highest-ranking female air cargo executive in the world. Dorothea revealed that she is both excited and determined to “take the paper out of air cargo.”
     Mother of three boys, approachable and very down to earth, Dorothea said that she is not the least bit put off by the imbalance of men versus women in the top ranks of air cargo today.
     Later Jan Krems, President Cargo United Airlines shared the excitement of both the beginnings of what is termed “a true joint alliance” and “The Age of Dorothea” noting:
“She is going to make all of us look good.”

     As Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) meets this week in Palm Springs, California, it is significant to remember the exciting new agreement between PayCargo and CNS reached in fall 2017, which will be featured in great detail as part of “Innovation Stage” during the CNS event.

Good Timing

     “Simply put,” declares Leo Hanon, Executive Vice President of PayCargo based in Coral Gables, Florida, “the PayCargo CNS pact provides an expressway for the air cargo industry to pay online for imports in the U.S.
     “Actually, IATA reporting recently that the air cargo industry is a key enabler of the global economy, which has grown to 35 percent of global trade by value, can also mean the time is right for PayCargo.”

Began In Ocean

     “PayCargo initially began in the maritime transportation business, moving quickly into rail, warehouse, air cargo handlers, and more recently with airlines on inbound air cargo fees,” Mr. Hanon declared.
     “The dynamic contribution that the PayCargo platform provides allows CNS to better serve the airlines and their clients, shifting to electronic means a whole industry culture that still relies on paper checks, vouchers, cash, and even credit cards.”

The Way It Works

     “PayCargo eliminates the traditional resource-intensive system of requesting, printing, mailing, or delivering checks, wire transfers, or cash, with a majority of the vendors releasing the cargo within an hour after receiving the ‘Payment Approval’ alert from PayCargo.”

Money In Minutes

     “With the PayCargo-CNS System,” Mr. Hanon said, “importers can make online payments within minutes and the payment data will flow to the airline immediately, allowing the importer to pick up their cargo at the airport facility within one (1) hour for a simple flat fee of $5.00 per transaction.
     “The airlines will receive their funds from PayCargo-CNS overnight and see the funds in their bank account the next morning.”

The PayCargo Team

     Currently, the PayCargo-CNS program, which launched at the end of 2017, features CEO Eduardo Del Riego, who has been described as ‘a visionary leader.’
     “With CNS’s longtime relationship with the airlines,” Mr. Del Riego declared, “and PayCargo’s adoption by the importers to expedite their payments for urgent release of cargo, it was a natural for the two companies to offer an innovative solution to connect the payer and vendor on a real-time payment platform for import shipments.”
     In addition to several entrepreneurs, including former CNS President Lionel Van Der Walt, who joined the PayCargo Board last November, the company also features the aforementioned Leo Hanon, who transitioned over from CNS to run the PayCargo CNS program, and Juan Dieppa, who serves as COO and will be in attendance at CNS Partnership.
     PayCargo is presenting its offering Tuesday 8:30 am-9:00 am on the Innovation Stage.
     PayCargo is seen as a bold move to consolidate a strong team of entrepreneurs and business visionaries on a mission that might revolutionize air cargo delivery via secured and cost-effective payment solutions.
      It seems CNS have found themselves great partners in PayCargo.

  FlyingTypers spoke to the old cargo pro Barry Lien who said, “work today at Worldwide Flight Services brings me in close proximity to some great people in air cargo, and attending CNS partnership deepens the ties that bind.
   “Air cargo is a people business, unique and grand, and still today nothing beats the face to face contact that CNS provides, delivering great neutral ground for us to meet all our customers in one place during this annual event.”
   Barry counts 31 years in air cargo serving Delta and US Airways & Continental before jumping ship for a few years but then returning to WFS as Vice President, Sales and Marketing.
   Barry is based in Atlanta where he lives with his wife of 38 years, Melissa.
   Interestingly the Lien’s two daughters reside today in Brooklyn, New York.
   “We get back to New York every once in a while and always enjoy seeing the old places and even some new ones.
   Asked if he ever gets back to Building 67 at JFK which Delta occupied after acquiring Pan Am Clipper Cargo, Barry just smiled.
   “Those were the days.
   “They were good but now they are gone.
   “I am in this business because I love it.
   “We are making new history at WFS.
   “It is different than working for an airline, as projects take quite a while to complete.
   “But for me the thrill of this industry and the fellowship of CNS go hand in hand.
   “I expect a very good week, full of fun, business and friends in Palm Springs,” Barry Lien said.

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   Hello & Goodbye . . . Opening evening at CNS Partnership was a lawn party in a Spanish Garden as the sun set behind the breathtakingly beautiful Santa Rosa Mountains.
   Qatar Cargo hosted the event with Ian Morgan, VP Cargo the Americas welcoming and thanking customers and partners.
   Ian also delivered a touching goodbye and farewell to Kuehne & Nagel’s Michael Tomasulo, (right) a much beloved, long-time cargo stalwart who is retiring.
   “Mike Tomasulo will be missed as a fixture in our business having spent a lifetime making our industry great,” Ian said.
   The words spoken at CNS opening underscored the vitality, spirit and importance of true partnerships in air cargo today.
   Happy Landings Mike!

L to R—Geoffrey Arend II, Emily Arend, (FlyingTypers Special Projects), Mark Hamill and Flossie Arend, (FlyingTypers Managing Editor).

     Good luck to CNS Partnership 2018.
     Have at a great show at LaQuinta Resorts and, don’t forget to view the photographs of movie stars in the hotel lobby including the New Year’s Party here as Paul Henreid (Casablanca) danced, with Bette Davis looking on.

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