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   Vol. 19 No. 40
Saturday May 16, 2020
Ordinary People Everyday Heroes

Turkish Cargo Heroes

     Sources tell us that in Istanbul, Turkish Cargo people are operating from home, as most citizens of the City on the Bosporus remain sheltered in place.
     Of course operations people are working in the warehouse and on the ramp filling up scores of empty aircraft and freighters servicing cargo destinations worldwide.
     Right now at Turkish Airlines, passenger travel is limited to Turkish nationals returning home, as well as similar charters moving foreign nationals back to their homeland.
     Freighter schedules are being maintained to published destinations.
     “Demand in air cargo is overwhelming so we are adding additional frequencies of passenger planes as cargo, as well as charters,” a source told FlyingTypers.
     “But not all cargo is being accepted. As example, AVI (live animals) cargo that ordinarily are carried as cargo are currently under new operational restrictions.
     “We are moving animals but our cargo teams are observing new rules for live animals during the pandemic.
     “Hats off to our operations employees who are working long hours to keep the wings of commerce moving,” the source declared.
     “Turkish Cargo has legions of ordinary people who are heroes and earn their wings by helping others every day.”

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