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   Vol. 19 No. 39
Tuesday May 12, 2020
At Home at Work with Cathy
Cathy Roberson

Libby the catCathy Roberson spent a decade at UPS as a marketing analyst before venturing out to found Logistics Trends & Insights, which provides industry updates and analysis, reports, white papers, and consulting.
     Here she shares a view of working from home near Atlanta, Georgia, her passion for logistics, and also offers a glimpse of her co-worker, Libby.

     “We’re doing OK here.
     “I work mainly from the home so the stay-at-home mandate was easy for me.
     “But, not being able to go to restaurants, hike in the mountains, or visit in-person with friends has all taken some getting use to.
     “However, food delivery services, video chats, and yard work have certainly helped.”

Up In The Morning

     “I start my days early, usually by 5:00 am at the latest, checking emails, social media, and news websites for industry updates.
     “I then spend an hour or two either working on the m&a database and logistics portal that are available on my website, or on our latest report.
     “This quarter, we’re working on a global pharma/life sciences supply chain report.
     “The rest of the day is busy with client work and calls, conference and/or video.
     “Of course, throw in a house chore or two along with a walk or bike ride and that’s about it for a typical day here.”

Shares Some Style

     “Just staying busy and not trying to get too bogged down in all the news.”

The Books Read You

     “I have a stack of books that seems to grow faster than my ability to read them, but right now I’m reading a biography of John Marshall, the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Adds Some Music

     “Depending on my mood, some days I’m listening to classical music, other days I’m listening to a mix of music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. REM, The Black Keys and Stevie Ray Vaughn are usually on my playlists.”

Surprises In 2020

     “How quickly everything shut down. [I was surprised by] the suddenness in the decline in passenger air traffic, but at the same time the quickness of airlines stepping up and working with international organizations, governments, and hospitals to transport much needed medical goods.
     “I think a number of airlines have shown how adaptable they are, and a willingness to work with competitors as well as collaborating with a variety of stakeholders including the shipper, logistics providers, and other transport carriers to create unique solutions quickly.”

Demand The Future?

     “Demand for airfreight will continue over the next few months as countries begin to restart economies. Some inventory replenishment will be needed for manufacturers however, how much will depend on the health of economies and any possible volume loss to other modes of transport such as ocean and rail.
     “E-commerce volumes will continue to be a positive for air cargo providers.
     “We could see even higher e-commerce volumes as we emerge from the pandemic due to many people who had to stay at home who became accustomed to ordering various items online.”

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