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   Vol. 19 No. 39
Tuesday May 12, 2020
As Cargo Goes Main Deck
Jo Frigger
     While everybody is masking up to go outside, elsewhere others are attempting to unmask just what our transportation world might look like in the future. One determined freight forwarder, EMO Trans Chairman Joachim “Jo” Frigger, insists that “keeping it simple is how logistics works best.”
     “While we grieve for everyone that has suffered during the past months and look ahead to an end to this current situation, my view is that transportation is the oldest profession in the world, ever since Eve delivered an apple to Adam, has always worked best by keeping things simple.
     “Air cargo moved up to the main deck of passenger planes as ‘Cargo In Cabin’ (CIC) may be an exotic experience for some, but the reality is that cargo really doesn’t care where it rides,” Jo observed.
     According to Joachim Frigger, if air cargo could talk it might reveal its own reality and that might sound something like this:
     “Put me any place I fit on an aircraft, an ocean container ship, a truck, a bicycle or a mule!”
     “Just make sure I arrive safely, on time, and with everyone along the logistics chain plugged in along the way, sharing up-to-date information of what to expect!”

Intelligence Gained by Experience

     “Right now,” Jo gently advises, “we must have patience and utilize intelligence guided by experience.
     “So follow the rules, wear your mask, have some patience and foresight and eventually things will turn around,” Jo advises.
     Jo also confides that he doesn’t quite get it about ‘social distancing.’
     “That new catch-phrase born during the pandemic might be more correctly described as ‘physical distancing,’” Jo said.
     “‘Social distancing’ seems like a contradiction in terms.
     “It is certain that we will see some change, but in my experience, change is always the constant.”
     “At EMO Trans Global Logistics, we have grown organically and built our business carefully for over half a century, brick-by-brick, so we are solid and positioned to handle any situation moving forward on land, sea, or air.
     “We are staying within our plan by keeping it simple and staying in constant contact with our service partners.
     “Our team is intact and working from home as they do yeoman work, ensuring that we maintain the key ingredient—reliability.
     “I am on the phone and in electronic meeting rooms as we adjust to a new way of doing business for this time.
     “My thanks and appreciation to our global team to keep the shipments moving and our customers happy.
     “From home I do occasionally enjoy a short trip to the local butcher shop early in the morning, before it gets busy,” Jo admitted.
     “It’s always rewarding to make the best of the wurst,” Joachim Frigger assures.

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