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   Vol. 19 No. 42
Thursday May 21, 2020
Take These Words To Heart
Jacques Ancher

“I do not believe that the air cargo industry will change. The significant changes which will take place in the airline industry will be determined by passenger-related issues.”
Jacques Ancher, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 9, 2020.

A Thought Leader for All Times

  “I am still fascinated by this business.
  “If you stand back and take the full view of air cargo, what is in clear focus is that this is a multi-billon dollar business driven by a large, dedicated group that includes the best, most prestigious companies in the world.
  “Air cargo is really and truly golden.
  “Although I have gotten along in years since I retired from KLM, I cannot understand why this beautiful cargo industry is still treated in some cases as a stepchild.
  “We must be doing something wrong,” said Jacques Ancher in 2014 as he was inducted in to the TIACA Hall of Fame. Jacques served as Executive Vice President of KLM Cargo from 1990 to 2001.

Who is Jacques Ancher?

  “Jacques brought a remarkable ability to reduce difficult issues to common terms, and he sought to maintain a reasonable balance among carrier, forwarder, and customer in a wildly competitive universe,” Richard Malkin told me one morning at breakfast in 2014.

Who was Richard Malkin?

Richard Malkin  Mr. Malkin, who was 101 at the time, was founding editor of Cargo Airlift Magazine in 1942 until 1978 and was awarded the highest recognition of the Dutch government for his work.
  From age 100 until he turned 104, Mr. Malkin served as FlyingTypers Editor Special Commentaries.
  “In negotiations, his was the exacting language of a businessman, not of the manager of a glamorous service,” Mr. Malkin said about Jacques.
  “It was Shakespeare who said that nothing is good without respect, and clearly Jacques reflects the respect and appreciation of a selfless career devoted to reaching the targets and setting new goals for an industry intent on growth and profitability.”

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