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   Vol. 19 No. 41
Tuesday May 19, 2020
Wally World on Southwest Time
Wally Devereaux, Emmy and Abby Devereaux

  Likeable and without a doubt, a picture worth a thousand words at home is good enough for Wally Devereaux, Managing Director Cargo and Charters, and long-time air cargo point man at Southwest Airlines Cargo here with daughters Emmy (l) and Abby (r).
  Before we go full barrel Southwest Cargo in an upcoming issue, we wonder here how goes it in Wally’s World this week as COVID-19 continues to impact his air cargo plan?
  “In the short term,” Wally declared, “it’s important that we make our customers feel confident and comfortable.
  “Confident that we have the capacity and capabilities to move critical cargo despite the unique circumstances, and comfortable walking in to our cargo facilities.
  “I think it’s unlikely that things will immediately return to “normal” post pandemic, so these new rules will apply for some time.
  “Longer term, it will be critical that we continue to invest in processes and technology that reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to tender cargo to a facility, and we’ll need to excel at handling higher volumes of e-commerce related commodities.”

Lessons Learned

  “If anything, we’ve learned how resourceful the air freight community can be when pushed by extreme circumstances!” Wally assures.

Time For Heroes

  “I’m fortunate to have many different heroes in my life!
  “They’re family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers who have done or are doing courageous things in the face of adversity. “Everyday folks do amazing things every day, and I find great inspiration in that!”
  That’s Wally, brother!

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