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   Vol. 19 No. 42
Thursday May 21, 2020
Remembering Jack Zembeck
Jack and Sharon Zembeck

Hi Geoffrey,

  My good friend and a guy that really knew air cargo, Jack Zembeck passed away on Sunday, April 15, at age 79.
  Jack was manager of cargo sales for the original Frontier Airlines. I worked as a cargo senior agent in Denver for Frontier and worked closely with Jack. After Frontier in 1986 he went to America West Airlines and then worked for several companies afterwards.
  Jack came to Denver from Jamaica, NY, and filled our 737 and Convair 580 aircraft with cargo. His forwarder and airline background made him a guy that I could go to for answers. He knew his customers and how to max out an airplane with cargo.
  I last saw Jack at the JFK Air Cargo day in Howard Beach a couple of years ago. We swapped stories and he was always aware of the market. He was a New Yorker in and out, but really loved the west.
  He will be missed.

Mike White
Cargo Network Services

  Jack served at Air Express International Wings & Wheels [Guenter Rohrmann], was a forwarding pioneer, and prior to that worked at Airborne Freight.
  Later Jack moved into airline cargo at Trans World Airlines (TWA), Frontier, and, as Mike mentions, America West. A New Yorker and graduate of Queens College, Jack knew his stuff and was air cargo through and through. He was likeable and always welcoming and willing to go deep dish and share his thoughts toward the betterment of our industry.
  Best of all, Jack was fun to talk and share stories with.
  He was a people person who helped others and shared what he knew, but he was also willing to learn.
  We honor Jack’s life and marvel at how he coped losing his beloved first wife, Linda, a decade ago in May 2010, and mourn his passing. We send his wife, Sharon Hutton Zembeck, his three children and their families every affection at this time.

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