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   Vol. 17 No. 47
Friday August 3, 2018

FIATA Gamechanger Delhi September
FIATA India Shaping Up

Even as India’s freight forwarders (under the aegis of the Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India, FFFAI, the apex body of 28 customs clearance and freight forwarders associations from across the country) prepare to host the FIATA World Congress 2018 (FWC-2018) in Delhi this September, the meet is attracting worldwide attention.
      Termed ‘The Game Changer’ and ‘The biggest event in the logistic industry in India,’ the Congress will be attended by more than 1,500 Indian and overseas delegates from different parts of the world.
      “The association had been ‘trying to organize this most important and prestigious international logistics event’ in India for the last couple of years,” said Debashis Dutta, Past Chairman, FFFAI and Chairman, FIATA World Congress 2018 Committee.

A Dream Comes True

      “It was my dream way back in 2013 (when he was heading the association) to project India in the world of logistics,” Dutta told FlyingTypers.
      “In 2015, we bid to host the show and our opportunity has come in 2018,” he said.
      Dutta also said that FWC-2018 would provide “a huge opportunity to the country’s freight forwarders and logistics industry “to expand their business” as partners with overseas counterparts who would be attending the event.
      “The FFFAI,” Dutta said, “has created this opportunity for the first time in the history of freight forwarding and logistics industry in India, and industry practitioners should connect themselves with the world trade and logistics market,” added Dutta.

Brand India To The Fore

      Emphasizing on showcasing Brand India through the event, Dutta, along with a host of top FIATA and FFFAI functionaries, were in Delhi to meet government ministers and apprise them about the meet.
      FFFAI Chairman Ashish Pednekar pointed out that the association was bullish about the event in New Delhi.
      “Our government, which is very pro-active to facilitate logistics industry in the country, has promised full support to make the FWC 2018 a grand success,” he said and informed that Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Shipping, Road Transport & Highways had confirmed his participation.
      A number of other ministers were expected at the congress, like the minister for Civil Aviation, Commerce and MSME.


Out On A Lim

      “While international delegates at the congress would like to know what is happening in India, Indian freight forwarders can learn about world practices,” said Stanley Lim, Chairman of the FIATA Congress Committee.
      “Most of the top international freight forwarders have set up their bases in India and before long others too will come.
      “India already has cutting edge technology in IT and this could be successfully used for the logistics industry.
      “That is what the international freight forwarding community wants... a strong link with global players would benefit India,” he said.

India Could Top China

      Lim acknowledged that freight forwarders in general were slow in adapting new technology, but once they did so, they show their speed in innovation.
      “India was a sleeping giant but now it has awakened and it can do better than China,” Stanley Lim proclaimed.


India On The Half Shell

      Lim expressed his confidence about the success of FWC-2018 that he said was largely due to the conducive environment for manufacturing, the exim trade, and the logistics sector in the country.
      Commending FFFAI’s leading role in developing freight forwarding and logistics industry in association with the government of India, he said:
      “India is well-prepared to host FWC-2018 in New Delhi and it will be the most exciting international logistics event.”
      The Singapore-based Lim also pointed out that it was time to groom young logistics professionals (FIATA, in fact, has a program to enthuse university graduates to join the profession) so that they can come forward and help the logistics industry flourish in the country.
      “Seminars during the congress will be addressed by international professionals, the delegates can look forward to 800+ forwarders during the B2B sessions that will span across the three days of the Delhi FIATA World Congress.
      “Here will be the perfect forum for small and medium as well as big business to interact and learn how to develop their logistics and go global,” said Pednekar.
      “Visiting freight forwarders will focus on the importance of the logistics industry in India in view of present government’s impetus on manufacturing, trade facilitation, exim trade, and infrastructure development,” Ashish Pednekar said.      
Tirthankar Ghosh
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