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   Vol. 17 No. 46
Monday July 30, 2018

Turkish Chats With A Cheetah

     Turkish Cargo said it has taken further steps to defend animal rights as the carrier takes “utmost care for transportation of the animals threatened with extinction”.
     “In Africa,” Turkish Cargo said, “the natural habitat of wild animals, various animal species, in particular hundreds of rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, hippopotamus, are being slaughtered by illegal hunting, each year.
     “Having ratified the "United For Wildlife (Buckingham Palace) Declaration (UFW)" on November 7, 2017, for the purpose of preventing illegal wildlife trade and increasing the industrial awareness thereto, Turkish Airlines has highlighted its cognizance of the live animal transportation processes and animal rights,” the carrier continued.
     “Turkish Cargo, which transports only animals born under protection from/to the qualified zoos, private institutions or recognized protection and rehabilitation centers as accompanied by the authorized and specialized crew members and keepers.
     “Turkish Cargo takes “the IATA LAR regulations and the CITES guidelines as the reference for the acceptance, storage and shipment processes, and it strictly implements the documentation, packing, labeling and marking guidelines, as described under the said regulations, during the course of performance of the live animal transportation process,” the carrier added.

Cools Turkish
Life Science Shipping

  Turkish Cargo adds CSafe RAP to its service offering and the carrier’s senior vice president cargo marketing Fatih Cigal could not be happier.
  “CSafe RAP partnership with Turkish Cargo delivers best-in-class services around the world, in terms of volume, cargo integrity and safety, and on time transportation,” Mr. Cigal said.
  “Turkish Cargo CSafe RAP ensures the temperature integrity and safe delivery of temperature-sensitive, life-enhancing products for healthcare companies worldwide.”
  CSafe RAP precisely maintains the user-defined payload temperature set point through payload transport, regardless of ambient conditions.

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