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   Vol. 16 No. 75
Wednesday September 27, 2017

Leadership Where It Counts
Cargo Awards Less Than Rewarding
As the air cargo awards bonanza begins anew for the autumn event season, what is the net positive effect of awards upon the industry?
      Awards for airlines, forwarders, airports, and people are now a baseline activity at almost every organized event in air cargo, big and small. They have become such a ubiquitous feature of closing banquets that we are now seeing candidate advertisements that not only campaign but also trumpet past honors.
      What happens to these awards after they are given out?
      Usually, awards surface in glass cases in lobbies or office reception areas.
      There are so many trade show and publication awards that they often end up stacked like so many cards in a deck or jammed into a display case like rush hour commuters in the New York City subway.
      Air Cargo awards feature scores of “winners,” but the drivers that bring these honors are less clear.
      What makes a winner?
      Is it attendance, advertising, sheer luck, or (god forbid) pure talent that merit all the huzzah attention?
      Whatever reasoning decides winners, one thing is for certain: the moment of glory is fleeting.
      At least, that is what we discovered when we asked the people at Munich this past May, “Who won airline of the year 2017?”
      The same responses held when we queried who won the usual categories.
      Could it be that finally, in 2017, industry attention to award events is beginning to slide just a little bit? Have air cargo awards finally crossed the Rubicon?
      Your move…
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