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   Vol. 17 No. 57
Thursday September 6, 2018

Capri Sun Goes Global With EMO Trans & Lufthansa
Harald Rohatsch and Nicole Ahrensfeld

Harald Rohatsch, Director Logistics at Capri-Sun with Nicole Ahrensfeld, Key Account Manager for temperature-sensitive transportation at EMO Trans.

     In Eppelheim, Germany, near Heidelberg, is the home of Capri Sun.
     According to Lufthansa Cargo Planet magazine, every year nearly six billion people across more than 100 countries worldwide quench their thirst with the familiar Capri Sun fruit pouch drinks.
     We discovered that the sophisticated logistics involved in delivering the Capri Sun packages to market is the result of a unique three-way partnership between Capri Sun, Emo Trans, and Lufthansa Cargo.

Voice of the Shipper

     “We distribute to more than 100 countries around the world,” Harald Rohatsch, Director Logistics at Capri Sun.
     “That can only work if everyone works hand in glove.
     “Food transport runs are always subject to very special conditions,” said Mr. Rohatsch.

The EMO Factor

     “In this respect, we need to be 100-percent reliable in our performance,” says Nicole Ahrensfeld, Key Account Manager for temperature-sensitive transportation at Emo Trans.
     “A reliable and transparent cold chain is the be-all and end-all in food logistics,” she said.

The Juice Factory

     The Capri Sun Eppelheim operation that was commissioned in 2015 is a story all by itself.
Highly complex and digitally state-of-the-art, the Capri Sun operation—from raw materials to finished product—is, in a word, brilliant.
     “In food production, the annual International Featured Standards (IFS) Certification is the measure of all things,” Harald Rohatsch confides.
     “IFS certification was obtained swiftly for our operation here, soon after the warehouse first opened, and our logistics passed with flying colors,” Rohatsch says proudly.
     “It is a demonstration of the standard to which Capri-Sun holds itself, as well its partners,” he declared.

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