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   Vol. 16 No. 80
Friday October 6, 2017

CNS President Quits Air Cargo

CNS President Quits Air Cargo

     CNS PresidentLionel Van Der Walt, who burst upon the scene as fresh as Listerine a couple years ago, shaking up and moving Cargo Network Services (CNS) forward, has turned in his resignation and will depart CNS on December 31, 2017.
     It’s a sad day for the air cargo industry as we lose one of its most sincere, passionate, vocal, and impactful leaders.
     Lionel Van Der Walt departs not only CNS, but the aviation industry that he so loved.
     FlyingTypers obtained a copy of Lionel’s resignation letter.
     He notes that he is truly thankful for the many opportunities that IATA and CNS presented him since joining the organization in 2005.
     However, after 12 years and an adventure-filled journey around the world, he is ready to pursue a new challenge.
     Lionel goes on to note that this was not an easy decision by any stretch, but that leaving made sense from the standpoint of career advancement and personal development.
     In true Lionel style, he also committed to stay on until the end of the year in order to minimize the negative impact of his departure.
     One would expect nothing less from Lionel, who is always placing others first.
     So what is next for Lionel?
     As the air cargo industry loses, the building industry gains!
     Lionel will be taking over as CEO of RCI, Inc., the international non-profit association of architects and engineers who specialize in roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall specification and design, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
     Talk about making bold moves!
     Having grown to know him over the past few years, I am confident Lionel will have no trouble in adjusting, and that he will bring the same passionate leadership to that industry as he has to ours.
     “The Lionel Train” has reached the end of the track. What an awesome journey it has been.
     Our hope is that IATA continues to pursue Lionel’s initiatives and lands a CNS President who follows Lionel's path to create a better air cargo industry.
     Yes, if you are thinking “not another CNS President gone,” you are not far from wrong.
     It seems that during the past decade there have been too many CNS Presidents and that the post can now be fairly described as an all-too-brief dead heat inside a revolving door.
     Why someone as talented as Lionel was allowed to pack up and get out of Dodge should raise some eyebrows.
     You will be missed, Lionel . . .

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