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   Vol. 19 No. 65
Friday October 2, 2020
More Homemade Freighters
Cathay Cargo at Pittsburgh
  Cathay Cargo has taken the seats out of a couple B777-300ERs. Our story on Finnair last week reported on AY doing much the same thing with its A330s. Now Cathay is flying cargo charters from Hanoi via Hong Kong to Pittsburgh . . . lots of fanfare for a two-month deal.
  But let’s hear it for PIT; they found a shipper and Cathay may have discovered some local sponsorship as well.
  The idea that main deck pax can load maybe another 12 tons is not outlandish and does make that aircraft and some others into viable freighters.
  The big hang up is not the floor . . . but the door.
  Maybe future aircraft builds should go back (or forward) to include a larger entrance/door to the deck that could convert a pax craft into a “Combi”?
  Assume after 2020, events in the world “can hit the fan” at any time.
  So why not think ahead?


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