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   Vol. 19 No. 64
Friday September 25, 2020
Letters to the Editor for September 25, 2020

Jacques Ancher and Jan Meurernewsletter graphicRE: Ancher Handicaps Cargo Futures

Dear Geoffrey and Sabiha,

     Nice of you to touch base again with Jacques Ancher. Luckily I see him on a regular basis. Early September he, Henny Essenberg and I embarked on a three-day walking trip through our country. A major topic during our regular get togethers is obviously KLM, I should say Air France KLM! We hope that this airline system will survive these dramatic Corona times.
     I sincerely hope that you two and your dear family are safe and healthy.      Unfortunately we cannot say: until we meet again in Istanbul, Munich or any other IATA, TIACA event. I miss the contact and the network. So FlyingTypers is an important feature to ensure that we keep communicating.
     Take good care!
     Big hugs in Corona style,

Jan Meurer

RE:  China is Once in the Future


     A recent FlyingTypers made the statement:
     “Now that China has ended “One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong.”
     Here I’d like to respectfully disagree with that statement.
     In fact it's a long way from the real situation.
     Back before 1997 when the future of Hong Kong was being negotiated, our Constitution known as the basic law was negotiated between the British administration of Hong Kong and China. Contained in this document in Article 23 is the following wording:

Article 23
“The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall enact laws on its own to prohibit any act of treason, secession, sedition, subversion against the Central People’s Government, or theft of state secrets to prohibit foreign political organizations or bodies from conducting political activities in the Region, and to prohibit political organizations or bodies of the Region from establishing ties with foreign political organizations or bodies.”

      Now here is the problem, a couple of years after 1997 the Hong Kong government proposed legislation in order to comply with this article but there was a huge outcry and in the end the government backed down.
     Fast forward now to 2019.
     Still no such law, and plenty of evidence of meddling by foreign organizations in the affairs of Hong Kong (there is documentary evidence of U.S. activity in this direction).
     What was Beijing supposed to do?
     Hong Kong had 23 years to comply with the requirement agreed in the basic law and had failed to do so, meanwhile we were seeing daily riots in Hong Kong, attacks on the police and on anybody who had an opposing position, plus daily attacks on things like our transport infrastructure and any business considered to have any connection with Beijing,.
     This kind of activity would never be tolerated anywhere else in the world but which was routinely encouraged by various western governments.
     Things simply reached the point when Beijing had enough, and they stepped in and put in place the legal structure that the Hong Kong government should've done over 20 years ago, the actual wording of the new law is nothing different then should've been enacted under Article 23.
     So I'm afraid I would have to disagree wholeheartedly with you when you say that China has ended one country two systems.
     I don't know from whom you get your information on this subject, as I say there is as much polarization on this as there is on Brexit or any other political discussion these days.

Chiang Kai Shek, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

     And, on a point of history, seeing as you showed a picture of the Yalta Conference, you also need to make reference to the Cairo Conference, held in 1943 and attended by Roosevelt, Churchill, and Chiang Kai Shek.
     Actually at this conference, a number of very far reaching agreements were made that still have resonance today.
     Chinese history is never simple.

Bob Rogers
Hong Kong


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