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   Vol. 19 No. 66
Wednesday October 7, 2020
Pumping Traffic for October 7, 2020
  Hair on fire media meltdown in America with the virus finally landing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Immediate effect saw markets shaken, not stirred by the end of Friday. The news of the COVID-19 attack on the sitting U.S. President clouded to some degree attention from the leading U.S. airlines getting stimulus relief, thereby averting massive layoffs in the U.S. that reportedly would have seen AA & UA furlough up to 32,000 jobs. The carriers said if they get the bailout from the U.S. Government (that may have happened, we hope by the time you read this) it could reverse that draconian course.
Tornado Alley
  The United States Treasury Department has offered loans to seven major airlines: Alaska, American, Frontier, JetBlue, Hawaiian, SkyWest, and United.
  The Treasury was authorized by the CARES Act to make affordable loans valued at up to a total of $25 billion to the airlines. The goal is to provide the companies with enhanced liquidity, and each airline is entitled to receive up to $7.5 billion in funding, as long as they comply with certain conditions.

  Last week South African Airways was grounded, reporting a massive debt load in excess of $500 million and a sagging tourist and business trade during the pandemic.
  Unemployment in South Africa during the pandemic has risen dramatically to a staggering 42%, according to statistics released last week.
  To make matters worse, SAA is currently the subject of a state investigation into wide-ranging allegations of corruption, fraud and mismanagement during former President Jacob Zuma’s time in office . . .


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