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   Vol. 20 No. 31
Wednesday August 11, 2021
Get Off Your Duff & Sell The Stuff
Geoffrey D. Arend

     Air Canada Cargo has announced it will add all-cargo aircraft to its fleet beginning later this year as the only North American combination carrier to do so in the near future.
     That is great news for air cargo and means Air Canada is transforming an almost moribund North American cargo scene by turning the all-cargo freighter service potential into reality and, something to watch and be excited about.
     Other North American big carriers seem worried about the cold instead. The rest of the world keeps cool by taking a nap. We wonder why air cargo elsewhere seems to be no better off in terms of management commitment than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, despite worldwide acclaim that lauds delivery of life-saving vaccines and other PPG’s everywhere? At least from an industry manpower and marketing perspective, airlines seem to be oblivious of the undeniable importance of air cargo and seem to prefer mourning the defunct air passenger bonanza than banking on the air cargo stringer.
     “We really like what Air Canada Cargo did. They've livened up the all-cargo landscape for everybody by opening the door up wide to allow in some fresh air. As far as several other air carriers are concerned, it’s tough to figure out what's going on.” This is the comment we heard through the grapevine, which made us think and imagine what goes on behind the scenes.
     We know that the airline business has been challenged as maybe never before by the global COVID-19 horror show, driving the passenger business, which is so much of what the airlines do, into a terrifying black hole.
     We get it. The revenue stream that drives domestic and international aviation business has shifted, with governments everywhere propping up their carriers for the past two years in one form or another. This is not a strategy and in the long run things are bound to change, as Alitalia had to learn lately, with no spoonful of sugar . . .
     But the air cargo business has shown itself to be a savior to millions like at no other time since the Berlin Airlift in 1948. The city was saved showing the exceptional power of air cargo to the minds of millions around the world.
Every day people are aware and watching and talking everywhere about air cargo as never before, but this current ground swell of publicity for air cargo, struggles to become a beacon to all.
     The epic images of the cabins stuffed with all sorts of cartons should be a clarion call to all of us in the industry. The truth is that the air cargo industry has been handed a cookie of worldwide acclaim and a once-in-a-generation opportunity. There seems to be only one catch, “cargo has no legs”: you need to be really proactive and resourceful to lift it to the air, you cannot wait for cargo to erupt from the aircraft and let the airport channel that human lava into border management services.
     Yes, you need to be proactive and organized to handle cargo. Until such time as the Internet of Things will enable a carton of stuff to make its booking and get itself loaded into the belly of the aircraft you need forwarders, truckers, cargo handlers, etc.
     Organized air cargo needs to get together, demand support and otherwise work as never before to get the word out about how crucial the airlift is for this ailing planet. Building a resilient, environment-conscious and judicious cargo business is the duty of the young airline professional and will ensure her or his future in this industry and beyond. Air cargo is a great teacher and these young guys will be able to make use of their experience in many other areas as well.
     It may be less difficult than it appears. Right now, it's not about having a conference or a webinar listening to some bobbing heads talk on a computer screen. It's about cooperative action and us getting together as an industry, putting our shoulder to the wheel and working together, spending time developing a supportive effort to advance what we're doing in air cargo to get the word out as loud as we can. Cargo people need to convince management that they need to pay more attention and respect and help us advance this industry.      At the end of the day, the courier industry invented “first class” in cargo business nearly two generations ago and made some very good business out of it.
     So let us get some ideas out of the upper deck and get the cargo moving for its own, remarkable worth.
     The early retirements and cutbacks in air cargo amongst companies, and notably IATA Cargo, at the time of our greatest surge in history is simply inexplicable. Air cargo is not a danger to be afraid of, it is an opportunity for continuous and thriving business.
     Air cargo needs an old time rolled-up sleeves sales job all along the line to both industry bosses and the general public to generate yet untapped revenues and success. This is no time to roll over and play dead. This month of August as we get ready for the Fall and Winter we also need to get off our duff and sell the stuff.
     The industry that saved millions of lives everywhere in the world and has been the only steady and growing part of the carrier business for the airlines in the past two years now needs to proactively embrace its future, in a whole new light.
     History demands nothing less. Listen, we can hear the parcels humming . . .

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