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   Vol. 20 No. 29
Wednesday July 28, 2021
Buck Moon 2021

     Even though many are not flying and Canadian wildfires had clouded the sky above New York City, we kept looking up.
     On Friday July July 23, that effort paid off big time as Mother Earth delivered quite a sky show as the Buck Moon had Lunar enthusiasts and astronomers alike basking in the glow. The full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time.
     I recall my family cabin in Northern Michigan built out of logs during the 1930s by my Gramp and his brother-in-law, my “Uncle Bill” Kaiser.
     The fireplace, hand-made out of small boulders and stones from the land around the cabin featured a crowning jewel of a 21-point buck that Gramp and Bill harvested, whilst hunting with bow and arrow.
     We are thinking of that place around this time of year and the fresh trout we fished every morning out of the Au Sable River nearby . . . But Oh, that moon . . .
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