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   Vol. 20 No. 28
Tuesday July 20, 2021
Pumping Traffic for July 20, 2021
Pumping TrafficNumber one in the world, Qatar Cargo adds WebCargo to its USA offering. Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo Guillaume Halleux declared: “Following our successful launch across Europe, we are glad to introduce WebCargo across the U.S. We are actively pushing for digitalization in air cargo as it brings in efficiencies and provides multiple benefits for our customers such as 24/7 visibility of price and capacity as well as real-time confirmation to name a few benefits.”  . . . Any way you slice it, airline traffic remains at historic lows as compared to 2019, off 35% to 50% depending on which part of the world you are looking at. In the hardest hit areas of South Asia, to the emerging gateways of Europe, to the fairly open skies of the U.S., where domestic U.S. load factor is near 90% . . . Brightening skies above Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport are expected this month as the gateway comes back to handling about 90% of the traffic that it did pre pandemic . . . But across the board everywhere in the world, whilst domestic travel is creeping upward, international travel remains in the tank. European analysts say that “normal” will not be anywhere near returning until 2024 is a sobering thought . . . The picture brightens a bit looking at air cargo with numbers up 5% to 10% globally. Still it seems the international flag routes are a black hole for many, including as example those May figures from JAL Group reporting international traffic off 93% as compared to 2019 . . . But a glimmer of light ahead from Nippon is that ANA plans to operate 19% of its routes in August . . . While consumers everywhere are shelling out more for petrol at the pump, the airline cost for kero is now about where it was pre-pandemic at 1.91/gal . . .
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