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   Vol. 21 No. 28
Monday July 18, 2022

Happy Birthday Nils Haupt

Nils Haupt
  Just thought about it and realized that July 9th was Nils Haupt's birthday.
  For people that might not know, Nils is a good-guy that when he had his head handed to him by Lufthansa Cargo, landed on his feet pivoting perfectly, becoming Nils Haupt, Senior Director Corporate Communications at Hapag-Lloyd AG almost eight years ago after having served for more than 12 years at Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Passenger.
  But we knew Nils best at Lufthansa Cargo where his imagination and innovation always kept it interesting. But if the "Haupt Touch" was sky high during his time in aviation, his moves across the bubbly waves for the past eight years at Hapag have been splendiferous for the positioning. and elegant for the ease and professionalism he has brought to ocean.
  So while our memory of Nils is of yesterdays, we recall a time that was much more than it seemed to be.
  Once we picked him up in Manhattan and repaired to the Manhattan Theater Company, an energetic live actors stage that was featuring a young Geoffrey Arend II in a thrilling play titled "The American Pilot".
  Just prior to curtain, Geoffrey joined us for a quick bite just across from MTC, in a well-appointed Italian eatery that served truffles for the pasta from a bowl big enough to swim in.
  We recall those truffles as proper respect to Nils who really got it and still does, when it comes to working with the Fourth Estate.
  Nils is among the very best this reporter has ever seen, right up there with Tom Cole of Boeing, Janet Morris of Japan Airlines and Jennifer Pemberton of American Airlines.
  Happy Birthday dear Nils.
  Thanks for the memories and happy, healthy days to you always!

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