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   Vol. 21 No. 29
Monday July 25, 2022

Air Cargo Trade Show Madness

Air Cargo Trade Show

     The Urge To Merge . . . For the Air Cargo Trade Show Industry the surge to pump up the return of highly successful mostly maskless event around the world continues at high pitch.
     This year has witnessed return of air cargo people to revenue-rich event venues from India to USA with some UK and a Korean interlude and even Istanbul and Miami yet to happen during Fall 2022.
     But as COVID continues with the demon still out there and maybe an even worse strain (God Forbid) in Fall, we pray for your health and better vaccine while we also continue to call for more aggressive monitoring.
     We also need your help so that we can get the word out.
     To date at industry events, like a recent employee gathering in New Orleans and Air Cargo India and elsewhere, there has been zero effort to inform the public of risk and infectious results from trade show organizers or their cargo media partners.
     So while air cargo is celebrating a global windfall in business and profits driven in large part by the pandemic, the headlines being generated send the message that air cargo people love to get awards and individuals who get an award love themselves.
     It is absolutely outrageous to barely hear whispers amongst all that shouting as we are stricken to learn that people are arriving back home sick from air cargo meetings and trade shows.
     How are you feeling?
     Are you planning or have you put on an event?
     What precautions are in place or were taken?
     What kind of feedback was received or what did you hear from attendees?
     Send us a message here and sign it with a nom de plume if that works better for you and we will protect our source and get the word out.
     “The COVID is a demon and we must not let the demon hide.”
     We are informed so you be informed.
     Stay Safe!
Hello Geoffrey,

Glyn Hughes     Thank you for the suggestion and for raising the need for post event monitoring and communication where cases were identified/spread at an event. We monitored the AMS event and it seems we had zero cases identified by participants. This was reassuring then I went on holiday and my entire family contracted it on a cruise ship in the Norwegian Fjords, so I agree we are not yet done and considering the Autumn season may see yet another surge, particularly considering the increased transmitability of the latest variant I will certainly ask Rachael to look into options and will discuss with Messe München (event partner). I attended an ACI event last December which also had a similar service.
     Thanks again.

Brgds, Glyn
Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA

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