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   Vol. 21 No. 41
Thursday November 3, 2022

Celebrating Jazzy As Atlas Is 30

Michael Chowdry

     Michael Chowdry, one of the most successful people in the history of air cargo founded Atlas Air 30 years ago.
     The Pakistani native began flying in 1993 with one 747 freighter.
     Today Atlas is the largest ACMI operator on the planet.
     It's been 21 years since that sad day on January 24, 2001 when Mike, who was only 46, died with Jeff Cole, a reporter on board, whilst piloting his jet in Watkins, Colorado.
     "I'm Jazzy and all I want to do is fly," were among the first words Mike Chowdry said to Linda, who became his wife and business partner and created this book.
     Here she affectionately has assembled an immensely detailed history of Jazzy.
     But the lingering impression is sweeter than just cold facts, and more reminiscent of like what Ginger Rogers did in her movies dancing with Fred Astaire.
     "All the steps Fred did, Ginger was in high heels, dancing backwards!"
     Linda's nearly 400-page immigrant’s memoir recounts the life of a young Pakistani man who came to America with a driving love and ambition to make a difference in aviation. Through challenges, he soared to the very heights and practically invented the ACMI business.
     Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Jazzy unleashed his passion, ultimately building a successful company with a solid foundation, today's giant Atlas Air Worldwide.
     People recall Mike sleeping in his car at JFK International during the early years, always on the job, never taking no for an answer.
     Those were heady days of change and excitement.
     You can for a moment imagine the sculpture of Atlas that sits in front of Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue in Manhattan winking and coming to life as Mike Chowdry drove by one day, and from there it was a small step up onto the tail of that first B747 freighter.
     Most people think that the sculpture of Atlas holds up the Earth but Ovid and writers of the ancients and now Jazzy's actions in the modern world reaffirm, Atlas holds up the sky.
     As The International Air Cargo Association TIACA, November 8 in Miami Beach brings the next big thing in air cargo, filling exhibition halls for three days—an event with software companies and others, it's good to recall a founding father from another time of dramatic change in air cargo.
     Here in Miami, United Airline's Jan Krems, a true airline genius will be on the half shell so you can talk to him and see if some of it rubs off.
     World beaters like the inimitable Amar More, Kale Logistics Solutions will chart and explain the future of the first and last mile on the ground; Ingo Zimmer will once again define what makes ATC Aviation Services AG the best GSSA in the world and Eduardo Del Riego and Michael White of PayCargo will expand understanding of the new way to pay and settle up payments worldwide.
     "No Man's Son" Kindle Unlimited -Free. Also available on Amazon in Paperback -$14.72.

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