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   Vol. 21 No. 39
Tuesday October 18, 2022

Europe Back To Normal

Cologne Bonn Airport

Eamonn Brennan      In some respects European Airlines are truly getting back to normal. All during October, employees at European carriers have been staging work protests post COVID. Latest are Eurowings pilots on a work stoppage closing down check-in counters (pictured) at Cologne Bonn for three days to demand better working conditions this week.
     EUROCONTROL, which keeps track of flight activity said June-September shows flight activity at 87% of pre-crisis levels
     ”Aviation is not in a bad place,” said Eurocontrol director general Eamonn Brennan (right).
      Eurocontrol said for the week ending October 2 showed transatlantic flights back within 4% of the same week in 2019. But flight levels between Europe and Asia during that same week remained 29% below pre-pandemic peaks.

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