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   Vol. 21 No. 39
Tuesday October 18, 2022

PayCargo Awarded 11.5 Million

     We Owe It To Our Customers . . . Federal court rules a PayCargo competitor conducted “willful, pervasive and relentless” infringement and awards PayCargo more than $11 million.
Eduardo Del Riego     “We’re extremely gratified with the court’s decision,” said Eduardo Del Riego, (right) PayCargo CEO. “As a company founded on the highest principles of honesty and transparency, we have taken this case of another business infringing on our trademarks and breaching our agreement very seriously. We’ve worked hard to build PayCargo’s reputation as the leader in the industry, so we owed it to our customers, employees, and business partners to defend it vigorously.
     “Furthermore, the integrity of the industry needs to be protected to continuously advance and innovate.”
     Logistics payments and data infrastructure platform PayCargo announced it has been awarded $11.5 million plus prejudgment interest and attorneys’ fees in a trademark infringement and breach of contract lawsuit the company brought against CargoSprint and its founder/CEO Joshua Wolf.
     “The judge in the United States District of Florida issued her findings of facts and conclusions of law on September 30, 2022, finding CargoSprint liable for “willful, pervasive and relentless” infringement of PayCargo’s federal trademarks and breach of contract.
     “In 2016, PayCargo reached a settlement agreement with Wolf and his company, PayAirCargo, to cease commercial use of the name and change it to CargoSprint. In 2019, PayCargo filed its federal civil suit because defendants continued to use the confusingly similar PayAirCargo name. In finding that Wolf and CargoSprint infringed on PayCargo’s trademarks and breached the agreement, the court explained: “Customers and vendors alike expressed confusion over whether the two competitors were a single entity.”

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