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   Vol. 21 No. 39
Tuesday October 18, 2022

Music From Mike Webber

Mike Webber

     Mike Webber, who worked at a record store as a teenager, always provides us a play list. Here are his recommendations from Austin’s music scene.

Erin O'Keefe      

A friend of ours, Erin O’Keefe has a voice and musical maturity that belongs to the ages but she’s younger than she sounds. In another era, she would have been on a major record label. Click here.

Israel NashNot exactly Austin but nearby Dripping Springs – here’s Israel Nash with a song from 2018. This has a real world weariness to it.      I’m surprised it hasn’t found its way into a Richard Linklater film soundtrack.      This is live-in-the-studio so doesn’t depend upon studio trickery. I love how the song swells on the choruses, breathes in the right places and the coda gives me goosebumps. Click here.
Black Pumas
Here’s a collaboration between Austin-based Black Pumas and the indie band Lucius. A majestic cover of the Dave Davies (Kinks) classic “Strangers”. The lyric has a deeply human message of looking after one another. In such a mean-spirited era, we could use it. Click here.
Alejandro Escovedo
One of Austin’s most beloved artists, Alejandro Escovedo hails from one of America’s most diverse musical families. Alejandro wrote this song a decade ago but it is truer now:      “Austin’s changed, it’s true. Show me what hasn’t”. Click here.
Jon Dee Graham
My old friend Jon Dee Graham who I’ve known for well over thirty years. A renaissance man whose visual art is well worth seeing too.      Fittingly enough, the song I’ve selected is “Airplane”! Click here.
Rosie Flores
Rosie Flores is a friend of ours, as well as a national and local treasure. My wife is a Spanish teacher and has worked with Rosie on some Spanish language translations of Beatles songs that Rosie has performed but here’s an autobiographical one of her own. Click here.

Willis Alan Ramsey
When I was working in record stores 40 years ago, Willis Allen Ramsey made this one album that floored me but no follow-up. Now we live in the same area and he still hasn’t made the 2nd album but I’ll listen to the first one the rest of my life.
Click here.

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