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   Vol. 22 No. 14
Sunday April 30, 2023

At Munich & LAX Cargo May Rule

Muncih and LAX

     While last week was a good time for greet and gather and if you were lucky, you might even have rubbed elbows with the airline cargo chieftains at IATA’s Annual Air Cargo Meeting now branded IATA World Cargo Symposium going on all this week at Istanbul. Elsewhere the air cargo event calendar moves into overdrive with a couple of headlining events.
     Just as the Bavarian Germans venture out in the fields at the crack of dawn with flashlights and sticks poking around in the ground looking for the fabulous “Spargel,” in that great short-lived season of white asparagus deliciousness, May 9-12 Air Cargo Europe also gets underway at the big and often overwhelming Messe Munchen Convention Center. A day pass costs 26 Euro, get some walking shoes and don’t miss the Spargel-Fest that goes on until early June or as long as the “Queen of Vegetables” holds out.
     A May” Best Bet” close to home in the U.S. with “world class” connotations takes place in Los Angeles May 11 from 1 until 2 pm as the Los Angeles Air Cargo Club hosts Air Cargo Day.
Yasmene Abel     A big crowd of locals and drop ins from everywhere is expected at the Proud Bird venue located right off the LAX main runway. Celebrate the gathering that offers all ample opportunity to network and compare notes.
     Free Admission for Attendees. For more information contact: Yasmene Abdel (414) 243-3418
     Kudos to Yasmene and the entire Los Angeles Air Cargo Association welcoming airlines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, trucking firms, cargo handling services and other air cargo related industries. Members have opportunities to participate in monthly meetings with speakers that promote discussions and educational programs relating to the transportation industry and related fields.

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