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   Vol. 22 No. 14
Sunday April 30, 2023

Kale Brings More Solutions
To IATA Istanbul

Amar More

     Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions in Istanbul at The International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium last week is a newer face on the air cargo circuit but in real terms he has been in the forefront of modernization and streamlining of air cargo operations in the U.S., especially recently as Kale Atlanta transformed the way to keep cargo moving a few years back.
     More didn't just mail it in after Atlanta was transformed; he moved his young family to the U.S. where he is about changing the way cargo does business at gateways everywhere.
     More is the real deal when it comes to change but really even More so.
     His experience speaks volumes about Kale’s community and enterprise solutions that serve air cargo stations around the world.
     “Air Cargo, in the past, has been marred with inefficiencies, paperwork, and opaqueness in the supply chain,” Amar More said.
     “An average air cargo shipment has 30 types of documents and over 124 copies of paper and is supposed to stay on the ground for about 85% of the total transportation time for paperwork.
     “With the advent of next-generation Airport Cargo Community Systems, when the data is stored in the cloud and accessed by other supply chain participants, the need for this vast amount of paper will go away.
     “By reusing the exact data for different types of information exchange, the need for duplicate work and chances for costly mistakes are drastically reduced.      “Scheduling trucks to the Airport; based on the Airport’s warehouse capacities and slots and doing the paperwork in advance before cargo reaches the Airport will further reduce the dwell times and make the Airports more efficient in cargo handling.
     “Airports that have successfully implemented these systems have significantly increased the throughput of cargo within the existing facilities, thereby obviating the need to keep creating more physical infrastructure. In Kale’s estimates, the Air Cargo Community Systems can unlock a value of at least over $9Bn annually and save around 120,000 trees annually, contributing to the environment.
     “Sustainability is the need of the hour. It’s no longer essential but indispensable.
     “We in the airfreight industry have a collective responsibility to our customers, employees and future generations to develop solutions which create a positive impact on people and the planet in ways that enhance business success which, in turn will lead to enhanced global prosperity.
     “We see the winds of digitization blowing fast in our industry. Air Cargo’s progress in digitization will be accelerated and we will be creating new benchmarks for other modes to follow.”

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