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   Vol. 22 No. 37
Tuesday October 24, 2023

Brief Encounter With Turgut Erkeskin

Turgut, Elif, Zeynep, Can Erkeskin
Assuming command of FIATA, top forwarder organization in the world Turgut, his wife Elif, daughter Zeynep and son Can joined the celebration.

     During the FIATA 2023 Congress in Brussels we had the chance to meet new President Turgut Erkeskin and it has always been wonderful to catch up with a long-time friendship. As we are so very busy these days we must be contented with what we can achieve.      This is the short account of our conversation and our own Marco Leonardo Sorgetti reported no small delight to share this news with our readers.
     We asked Turgut what his impression was arriving in Brussels and he told me: “I am looking forward to meeting all delegates from all around the world and discuss topics of economy and logistics, as it is natural. I am also thankful to the host organization for putting together a very rich and relevant agenda with excellent speakers.”
     Then we continued asking Turgut for some more personal impressions and his expectations in the new role. Turgut arrived as President-elect, as he held the only nomination for the high position, in other words the GM was in fact supposed to simply ratify his nomination. He was then elected President of FIATA with a landslide ballot on October 6th during the GM.
We asked Turgut what his impression was as the first FIATA President from Turkey, a country which was able to host the FIATA WC twice in this millennium. This is his reply: “Of course I am really proud as this is the culmination of many years’ investment, not only on a personal level, as is natural, but also as UTIKAD, the federation I am representing that has managed to become a significant contributor to FIATA’s success in recent years. I am therefore proud of both results, perhaps even a bit more regarding our collective achievement than at personal level.”
     We also challenged Turgut with a question that requires some insight in FIATA, as the transition from Zurich to Geneva and the Reset program were both big decisions. My friend Turgut, who is a man with natural disposition to serendipity, said: “I happened to find myself in the right place at the right time, I tried to contribute with good advice, but in the end it was not I who moved the furniture. Obviously it was a big step, I am thankful for all the work done. It was not always a spoonful of sugar, but it worked in the end. Now it will be just a question of working hard and promoting our message within the constituency. You have heard the catchphrases at the session: ‘digital transition, greener and environmentally friendly modus operandi, strong international relationships with other peer organizations in the sector’.
     “In a nutshell,” Turgut said, “this is the pathway.”     

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