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   Vol. 22 No. 37
Tuesday October 24, 2023

Donna Is All Heart

Donna Mullins     Donna Mullins, Vice President at Kale Logistics Solutions is one of our favorite people.
     She is a great human being, and for years, still continuing rock solid at the Atlanta gateway, always working for the air cargo community.
      Very early during the pandemic, this lady took it upon herself to help out truckers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with shopping bag meals from Ruby's Chicken House (Ruby's is named in memory of Ruby Saggus, Donna’s Mom).
     What Donna did was to distribute at no charge, and unheralded, meals for truckers who were mostly stuck in their trucks with no place to dine.
     So Donna, now part of Kale Logistics, the Mumbai dynamo that under some other great people, including co-founder & CEO Amar More, has figured out how to make things move faster in all phases of air cargo at airports all over the world.
     Donna is once again on the frontline and as per usual is doing things a bit differently.
     Call it "little things mean a lot" or what she does that is always exceptional is never to forget in air cargo, the horse precedes the cart, it isn't heft, it's heart!
     Earlier this month on October 3, Donna Mullins was at JFK Airport celebrating the Kale/ Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) partnership that reached a 100% booking milestone.
     “It was an honor and privilege to host the WFS JFK Building 151 staff and drivers,” Donna said as she delivered a thoughtful and lovely buffet spread for truckers and the WFS staff.
     “The JFK air cargo community has experienced up close and personal the Kale ACS Truck Slot Management appointment system, which interfaced with WFS EPIC, for over a year now on a voluntary basis to make appointments and give advanced shipment information to WFS in JFK.
     “Realizing the efficiencies obtained by having advanced shipment information, WFS made the move to have their first JFK facility go 100% appointment bookings – Congratulations to WFS JFK Building 151," Donna declared.
     “WFS will gradually move to 100% appointment bookings for all their locations and stakeholders (truckers, brokers, and forwarders) are encouraged to register now to make appointments and keep your cargo moving effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously,” Donna said.
     Donna Mullins is coming to an airport near you.
     From the looks of things WFS at JFK is glad she dropped in to say thanks as all said "Hooray for the Buffet."
     In the world right now here is some news that beats a punch in the nose as late October 2023 continues.
     For information about Kale ACS Truck Slot Management contact Donna or info@kalelogistics.com, or Kale Logistics Solutions.

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