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   Vol. 16 No. 80
Friday October 6, 2017

CNS President Quits Air Cargo

     Lionel Van Der Walt, CNS President who burst upon the scene as fresh as Listerine a couple years ago, shaking up and moving Cargo Network Services (CNS) forward, has turned in his resignation and will depart CNS December 31,2017.
     It’s a sad day for the air cargo industry as we lose one of its most sincere, passionate, vocal and impactful leaders.
     Lionel Van Der Walt departs not only CNS, but the aviation industry that he so loved.
     FlyingTypers obtained a copy of Lionel’s resignation letter.
     He notes that he is truly thankful for the many opportunities that IATA and CNS had presented him since joining the organization in 2005.
     However, after 12 years and an adventure-filled journey around the world, he is ready to pursue a new challenge.
     Lionel goes on to note that this was not an easy decision by any stretch, but that leaving made sense from the standpoint of career advancement and personal development.
     In true Lionel style, he also committed to stay on till the end of the year in order to minimize the negative impact of his departure.
     One would expect nothing less from Lionel, always placing others first.
     So what is next for Lionel?
     As the air cargo industry loses, the building industry gains!
     Lionel will be taking over as CEO of RCI, Inc., the international non-profit association of architects and engineers who specialize in roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall specification and design, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
     Talk about making bold moves!
     Having got to know him the past few years, I am confident though that Lionel will have no trouble in adjusting, and that he will bring the same passionate leadership to that industry as he did to ours.
     “The Lionel Train” has reached the end of the track. What an awesome journey it has been.
     Our hope is that IATA continues to pursue Lionel’s initiatives and lands a CNS President who follows Lionel's path to create a better air cargo industry.
     Yes, if you are thinking “not another CNS President gone,” you are not far from wrong.
     It seems that during the past decade there have been too many CNS Presidents and that the post can now be fairly described as an all too brief dead heat inside a revolving door.
     Why someone as talented as Lionel was allowed to pack up and get out of Dodge should raise some eyebrows.
     You will be missed Lionel . . .

Chuckles for October 6, 2017

Malaysia Heats Up FIATA 2017
Another opening, another show . . . The beat goes on in an emotional and uplifting drumming into action, the big event in downtown Kuala Lumpur, as FIATA World Congress officially opened for business October 5, with all the principal speakers taking part. Also in the picture is Krishnan Chelliah far right. Many people labored to make FIATA 2017 a success, but non more than Krishnan who shepherded the big show from concept into reality during the past year. Krishnan also serves as a FIATA Board Member.

     Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport, Malaysia was there.
     So was Mr. Zhao Huxiang, President, FIATA, (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations ) and Alvin Chua President, Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF), as the biggest most important gathering of freight forwarders from around the world showed up this week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the 56th Annual FIATA World Congress 2017, Thursday October 5.
     The event continues through this weekend, ending Sunday.


Alvin ChuaAlvin Chua Lays It On The Line

     “The International Transport Forum expects trade to represent 50% of global GDP, increasing to 350% by 2050,” declared Mr. Chua.
     Mr. Chua, in addition to serving as President, Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF), also is positioned as President of Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association.
     “Growing share of trade will take place between emerging economies, compared with only 15% today,” Mr. Chua declared. “By 2020, it is projected that freight forwarding will be 20% e-commerce driven.
     So “Logistics Driving Global Trade” is apropos of our gathering the largest group of freight forwarders to meet anywhere in 2017, this week in Kuala Lumpur.”

Huxiang ZhaoTime Will Not Wait

     “The oft heard phrase ‘Time waits For No Man’ has never been more true than it is today in this room,” said Mr. Zhao, President of FIATA.
     The energetic and persuasive CEO of Beijing-based Sinotrans, in one of his last official duties as FIATA President went on to say:
     “Once again in October, we get together for this grand event of the international freight forwarding and logistics industry, the FIATA World Congress.
     “This year, we welcome more than 800 participants from over 70 countries and regions in the world gathered here in Malaysia.
     “Let me firstly thank our local host, Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders, for inviting us here to the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur.
     “Thank you!”

Speaking of Objectives

     “For the past two years, one of FIATA’s main objectives has been to advocate trade and transport facilitation, to create a better business environment for the international freight forwarders despite strong anti-globalization tendencies.
     “I am glad that FIATA’s public presence has grown even stronger within the two years.
     “Whenever there are significant changes in the socio-economic landscape for the freight forwarding and logistics industry, FIATA’s voice can always be heard.

IATA/FIATA Partnership

     A new IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB) has been created as part of the groundbreaking landmark IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program to provide a framework of industry standards that are in line with best practices and safety regulations.
     “On 15th August, Canada became the first country to pilot the IFACP, the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program.
     “Various meetings on sea, rail, road and regional issues are held by FIATA with other partner associations,” Mr. Zhao said.

Game Changers

     “For the future of our industry,”Mr. Zhao continued, “my expectation is quite optimistic as firstly, signals of solid economic recovery have arisen in many countries and regions, especially in some major economies.
     “Secondly, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement came into effect and we hope it will become a key driving force in trade facilitation.
     “Many countries and regions are also seeking development opportunities through regional economic cooperation models.
     “Of course, our business will continue to face changes, which mean both opportunities and challenges.
     “The ever-growing e-commerce is undoubtedly a game changer, the whole supply chain and the authorities are working to find the right way to accommodate to and regulate it,” Mr. Zhao concluded.

Dato Sri LiowMinister Sees Sunshine For Malaysia

     “We are proud to welcome delegates to the 56th FIATA World Congress co-hosted in Malaysia this year by the Ministry of Transport and the Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF) – the national association which represents the logistics industry in our great country,” YB Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia’s Minister of Transport told a packed meeting hall inside the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.
     As he declared the FIATA World Congress 2017 open for business, the Minister delivered a wide-ranging keynote address.
     “As trade becomes increasingly borderless, trade facilitation regulations and processes too need to change.
     “The value of world exports of commercial services, valued at US4.77 trillion in 2016, recorded Asia as the strongest performer, outpacing other regions on the import side with a growth rate of 2.6%. This again reflects the continued strong performance of trade in the region.”

Think Halal

     Dato’ Sri Liow also called upon FIATA members to tap on the potential of the halal market, and on e-commerce, where Malaysia has invested in multiple projects to facilitate the fulfilment of logistics in this growth area.
     He also declared that the government’s pro-active stance in taking steps to improve the performance of the country’s logistics sector is a testament to the commitment to ensure sustainable growth of the industry.

Malaysia On The Move

     “With the establishment of the National Logistics Task Force and the implementation of the Logistics & Trade Facilitation Master Plan in 2015, we aim to be the logistics hub for ASEAN and the Preferred Gateway to Asia,” he said.
     “Our current investment in logistics infrastructure amounts to nearly RM15 billion in four sub-sectors – rail, road, maritime and aviation.”

Future Abuilding

     “Malaysia is currently embarking on future massive infrastructure projects to improve our logistics capabilities estimated to be worth more than RM100 billion,” the Minister said.

Kim, Robert, Babar, Ivan
    Ready-Set-Go! Underscoring the “Vision Thing” is (from left) Bung Jin Kim, (left) President of the Korean International Freight Forwarders Association. Next to him is Robert Voltmann, President & CEO of Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), who is all charged up planning the TIA Annual Conference in Palm Desert California April 8-11,2018 . Robert also serves at FIATA as Secretary General
    Looking on is Babar Badat, the man who organized the freight forwarders into a potent association in Pakistan. Extreme right is Ivan Petrov, President of Bulgaria-based Transxpress.
Francesco, Turgut and Antonella
    “The economy in Turkey is booming,” proclaimed Turgut Erkeskin, (center) FIATA Board Member and President Utikad-The Turkish Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers. “The Malayasian venue offers a window on a world of possibilities for connecting into new business sources,” adds Antonella Straulino, (right) Foreign Affairs Manager for the big Italian cargo organization FEDESPI. Francesco Parisi, (left) CEO of Parisi Forwarding, a company founded in 1807 in Trieste, Italy agrees.“The most gratifying experience is meeting new people,” said Fransceso.
Mark Fernandes, Ruben Emir Gnanalingam and Sam Katgara
    Three New Amigos . . . Together again for the first time at FIATA are Sam Katgara, (right) partner in Jeena Forwarders established 1900 in Mumbai. Center is Ruben Emir Gnanalingam, CEO Westports, the big logistics colossus in Malaysia, and Mark Savio Fernandes (left) of Sylvester & Co., an enterprise that includes companies in customs brokerage, freight forwarding and even a beach resort.

Indian Delegation
Dato’ Sri Liow, third from right being greeted by the India Forwarder Association, hosts of the 2018 FIATA World Congress.

FIATA Faces2017

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Air Cargo Hangs Tough

     The string of recent natural disasters, not just the hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico and the continental U.S., but also the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook central Mexico – wrecked untold havoc, affecting millions of people.
     These terrible disasters brought out the full force of the U.S. cargo airline industry, as well as FEMA and the U.S. Military, to deliver immediate relief.

Joining Hands Saving Lives

     Looking at the broad sweep of activities as these climate challenges have increased, cargo carriers and government agencies have worked in tandem to deliver relief supplies, while U.S. passenger carriers have answered the call to assist in the evacuation effort, especially in Puerto Rico in the sad and well-publicized aftermath of its worst ever natural disaster.


Freighters Fly In

     The first commercial freighter into San Juan after Hurricane Maria was an AmeriJet 767-300F.
AmeriJet, the last of the U.S. all-cargo schedule airlines, has continued to operate 3 of its seven 767 freighters each day into San Juan carrying generators, water, medical supplies, baby food and other relief supplies.

Air Mobility To The Rescue

     As the commercial carriers and FEMA rushed to assist the island, the Air Mobility Command (AMC) carried the bulk of the supplies, while also delivering military personnel to help restore the island.
AMC may be an unfamiliar name to many people – Americans and non-Americans – but that will certainly change as increasingly AMC serves as the first responder in many high-profile relief efforts.

Aid Movements

What Is AMC?

     AMC is a branch of USTC (U.S. Transportation Command), ably commanded by USAF General Daren McDew.
     In his role as USTC Commander he reports directly to the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), responsible for coordinating all the logistics for the U.S. Military – land, sea and air.
     AMC is the largest component of USTC, which is led by another great USAF 4-star, General Carlton (Dewey) Everhart.

Biggest All Cargo Fleet In The World

     Gen. Dewey commands the largest all cargo air fleet in the world, including 55 giant C-5 Super Galaxies, 222 C-17 Globemasters (purpose built for heavily laden short take-offs and landings on austere runways), 281 C-130 Hercules and 456 air refueling tankers (KC-10A, KC-135 and the soon to be deployed KC-46).
     This massive military air cargo lift is augmented by the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), a partnership that also includes most U.S. commercial carriers.

What AMC Does & Doesn’t

     You might, dear reader, wonder what General Everhart does with this remarkable airlift capacity?
But it would be easier to list what AMC doesn’t do.
     AMC does not compete with the commercial industry but does respond to all sorts of crises, most notably mobilizing its cargo fleet for disaster relief as for example in the wake of the recent storms.
     So the one-two punch of Hurricane Harvey and then Marie have become a challenge to the AMC, turning it into a 24-hour a day operation.

Ready In An Instant

     At a moment’s notice, thousands of AMC staff jumped into action to develop and execute logistics and operations plans to provide disaster relief.
     AMC moved hundreds of tons of equipment, from trackers for clearing debris to generators to help restore power.

Tough To Exceed The Need

     The confluence of so many natural disasters has challenged these dedicated people to even greater level of planning and precision in execution. Huge volumes of medical supplies, meals ready-to-eat, water and other humanitarian aid, along with hundreds of highly trained disaster response teams are needed for the hurricane disaster zone and the earthquake victims in Mexico City,
     Timing was and still is critical to get the goods and personnel on the ground immediately to provide relief and save lives.
     All of this relief so vital to a suffering people must be operational even when the airports in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands lose their ability to control air traffic.
     In these cases, AMC first flights carry mobile air traffic control centers.
     In addition, AMC transported task forces of firefighters with pallets of shovels, jacks, fuel, and chain saws to the rescue operation hours before FEMA was activated.

Help Without Borders

     AMC’s humanitarian mission knows no borders – it responded with equal dedication and energy to Mexico’s devastating earthquake, and has provided relief around the world, in places as far afield as Pakistan and Indonesia.
     AMC personnel are proud of their rapid response, and honored to serve as a global 9-1-1 in times of natural disaster.
     More about AMC, including its regular mission moving military equipment around the world for America’s armed services, and the part that CRAF plays in augmenting that effort, will be the subject of my next article.
     Your comments are welcome.
Bill Boesch

Boesch MilitaryMr. Boesch started his career in global transportation and logistics in 1965 working for Seaboard World Airlines. He later joined Flying Tiger Airlines and Emery Worldwide. Mr. Boesch then left Emery to become Pan American World Airways’ Senior Vice President where he headed both Passenger and Cargo Sales and Operations. He left Pan Am to lead American Airlines’ Cargo operation and retired from AA in 1998. Under his direction American became a world leader in the air cargo and logistics business.
     Mr. Boesch was part of the extensive on site planning and support of the Iraq drawdown, involvement with the Afghanistan operations, and has worked on all aspects of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) from both an airline and government standpoint.
     Mr. Boesch has also served as Chairman of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Cargo Executive Subcommittee in 1996 and 1997, Vice Chairman of IATA’s Cargo Committee. Mr. Boesch served on the Board of Directors of Air Cargo Incorporated, Air Cargo International, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), Envirotainer, Cargo Logistics Solutions, Deutsche Post/DHL Global Mail, al Seqir and consulted for major U.S. companies including Flight Safety.
     Mr. Boesch is the recipient of numerous awards including the Lifetime Air Cargo Achievement Award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and various awards from the U.S. Department of Defense.
     Mr. Boesch is presently continuing his work for the U.S. Government and heads up The Council For Logistics Research.

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