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   Vol. 18 No. 62
Thursday October 3, 2019

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FIATA Opening Events
Stirring Beginning . . . . Early morning high step at FIATA World Congress in Cape Town Wednesday October 2 included a gathering of costumed performance artists who were joined in song by children serenading the gathering with the national anthem of South Africa in three languages.
   Welcoming delegates, current FIATA President Babar Badat, thanking the South African Association of Freight Forwarders said that he departs his term in office amidst what amounts to major changes underway on several fronts at the organization.

Francesco Parisi, Huxiang Zhao, Babar Badat and Basil Petersen
Four Presidents for FIATA—Having served, ex-Presidents Francesco S. Parisi and Huxiang Zhao greet current President Babar Badat and President elect Basil Petersen.

   Top of the list is an expected move of FIATA headquarters from Zurich to Geneva.
   “FIATA needs a re-set and moving our offices will amplify our advocacy and place us within reach of many of the headquarters of the world trade, finance and business organizations,” Mr. Badat said.
   “FIATA needs to modernize its approach and keep up with the technological changes taking place in the supply chain logistics sector,” Mr. Badat added.
   “We plan to institutionalize and update our vocational training by merging the FIATA Logistics Institute & The Advisory Body Vocational Training into a single entity,” Mr. Badat said.

YIFFY Award Winners
   Young International Freight Fowarder of the Year (YIFFY) Award is the premier example of bringing forward the youth factor in transportation. While everybody else talks about it, FIATA does it.
   The YIFFY award has been sponsored by the TT Club since its inception in 1999. Each year young people worldwide submit a logitstics dissertation with the hope of securing valuable training and mentoring opportunities. Winners are picked from each of the four FIATA geographic regions, Americas; Europe; Africa and Middle East; Asia Pacific. The overall YIFFY award is bestowed at the FIATA event finale.
   Pictured from left to right at the FIATA opening event are, Thomas Sim, Chairman of FIATA ABVT, (Advisory Body Vocational Training); Enos Chapara of Zimbabwe, winner-Africa and Middle East; Phillip Burgess of New Zealand, winner-Asia Pacific; Michael Yarwood, TT Club Senior Loss Prevention Executive; Evgeniya of Russia, winner-Europe; Ms. Rachel van Harmelen of Canada, winner-The Americas, and Babar Badat, FIATA President.

   “One of our main goals is to prioritize the engagement of young professional by encouraging more participation in our events,” he added.
   “FIATA is nearly 100-years old with 120 national associations and over 40,000 members.
   “Put another way, FIATA is, above all, the world’s largest organization representing the logistics and transportation industry.
   “I see a bright and growing future ahead for FIATA,” Mr. Badat concluded.


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Guillaume HalleuxGuillaume Halleux
Chief Officer Cargo
Qatar Airways

  Here we ask the questions but then back up and present the answers word for word.
  Qatar Airways Cargo is among the fastest growing air cargo companies in the world and is getting closer to becoming the larget carrier in the world.
  Guillaume talks about what it takes in 2019:
  Guillaume talks about what it takes in 2019:

1.  What are the most important attributes of a leader?
   “You lead when you put the interest, the benefits and the support of your team before yours. Leaders work on others, for others to over achieve. I often tell my teams that I don’t price shipments, I don’t take bookings, I don’t handle cargo or palletize it myself. My job is to create the conditions and the environment so that all these duties are conducted the best way possible. Therefore my role is to guide, explain, engage, reward and sometimes also to discipline.

2.  Why is mentorship important?
   It is a crucial part of managing talents. At the end of the day we all work together, we actually live together in the same company or office for at least 1/3 of our time every day. It is all about human interactions and mentorship is one way to cement our social environment. In large organizations like QR Cargo we have staff from over 70+ nationalities and an equal number of cultures. We have young talents as well as senior and seasoned experts. It would be silly not to try and mix all those attributes to add value to each individual, and to the company, which eventually leads to additional value to our customers.
   We have launched a mentoring program, trained a significant number of mentors and mentees in Doha. The initiative will progressively be extended to our outstation staff. What is key here is the right match of personalities and the guarantee of confidentiality. By securing both, I am confident our program will result in stronger people development.
   As part of that initiative, I am, myself, the mentor of a young Cranfield University graduate in our head office. We meet every month, have very open discussions and identify areas where the mentee wants to improve and focus on. I personally get a lot of satisfaction from the program as well. This is not a one-way street for sure!

3.  How do you handle customer experience?
   We strive for a personalized experience at every moment. This is the DNA of Qatar Airways from day one. Do we always succeed?  No . . .
   We do have our issues but the ambition is to be able to interact at every level in a customized way. We see our customers as people, not just a company name. So along that view, we invest in our people (training) and in systems to use the most relevant historical data for each customer interaction. A lot of work in the pipeline . . .

4.  How do you extend influence to touchpoints that you do not even have responsibility for?
   There are two dimensions to your questions. We are one of many players in the lifecycle of a shipment (truckers, customs, airports, GHAs, forwarders etc.). But cargo is also one of many elements in the life cycle of a passenger flight (maintenance, load masters, flight control, ramp operators, luggage, regulators, etc.).
   The first element you need to do to influence the other parties is education. I spend a significant part of my time educating and raising awareness with other stake holders. Then you obviously need to demonstrate what is in there for them. Lastly, and probably the most important you need to give back. This takes a lot of time but in the long run, if the benefit is mutual, we manage to get things done.

5.  How do you promote great collaborations?
    One word: Passion. Because it is contagious.

chuckles for October 3, 2019

Galaxy Of Kale At Hand
Daniel Tanui   Kale Logistics Solution has been chosen by Mitchell Cotts Freight, a top shipping, freight forwarding, warehousing and transport resource in Kenya to digitize their entire air cargo handling operations at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi and Daniel Tanui, MD of Mitchell Cotts could not be happier.
  “Our aim,” Michael Cotts assures,” is to create value for our customers and other stakeholders at every step.
  “I’m very excited to embark on this partnership with Kale, whose transformation and industry expertise capabilities will supplement our focus on improving our customers’ experience in a digitally enabled way.
  “With Kale’s highly respected GALAXY, web-based airport cargo management System we are empowered to offer the complete supply chain visibility for our customers, combined with recommendations to make profitable business decisions," Mr. Tanui said.

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