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   Vol. 18 No. 73
Thursday November 14, 2019

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Logitrans Exhibition Hall

Dateline Istanbul

Emre Eldener
Watch Your Language

     Emre Eldener, President of UTIKAD makes a point during opening ceremonies at 13th Logitrans Istanbul Wednesday.
     “At UTIKAD we continued our effort to develop the Turkish logistics industry and to facilitate those activities into the global economy.”
     The hour-plus, kick-off event delivered speeches by a parade of the shakers and movers of transportation here to a mostly Turkish audience in three spoken tongues including Turkish, English and German.
     The few headsets available for translation were useful, as acoustics on the trade show floor-based meeting sessions area surrounded on two sides by busy visitor stands, made deciphering what was being said, tough in any language.

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Qatar Cargo Logitrans BoothBest In Show

     Qatar Cargo big announcement coming today at Logitrans Istanbul where the cargo carrier “moved by people” continues to underscore the importance of the human factor in our business.
     A preeminent air cargo factor in the world, Qatar Cargo is situate at Booth 218 at Logitrans Istanbul.

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Jurgis Adomavicius and Bunasta Customs Brokers
Clever Jurgis Eases Customs Borders

     “I began in Lithuania moving consignments between Vilnius and Minsk (Belarus),” Jurgis Adomavicius, CEO and Co-founder, Bunasta Customs Brokers (pictured second from right) told FlyingTypers.
     “The distance between those two cities is 180 kilometers, about an hour’s drive apart.
     “But to clear any type of cargo through customs between those two countries could take up to four days.
     “I thought that since I was clever enough to start up a successful trucking business and understood my market and its challenges I should be clever enough to figure a way to get cargo cleared faster throughout the region.
     “So in 2012 we opened up Bunasta, offering service to the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union.
     “Bunasta today has 2,400 clients clearing several thousand trucks a day.
     “Now,” ‘Clever’ Jurgis declared, “we have to work at taking paper out of our business.”

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Ceren Tuna Tokath, Emrah Arslan and Isa KorkmazStart Up Ceren

     “Once I tried to export some products and discovered some difficulty doing that.
     I joined up with two partners, and we worked over a three-year period of time to create a platform which would allow small and medium size shippers access to freight quotes and companies, and our company NAVLUNGO was born here in Istanbul three months ago,” said Ceren Tuna Tokath, here with co-founder Emrah Arslan (left) and co-founder Isa Korkmaz behind her.
     “Navlun” in Turkish means freight, and “Go” means what the word says,” Ceren smiled.
     “Today more than 1,000 customers are utilizing our platform,” ‘Start Up’ Ceren said.

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Turkish Cargo Jumps Up 8.8%

     You need more than superlatives to describe the beautiful, even exquisite Turkish Cargo 15m X 2 dominator stand in Hall 9/No 404-305 at the 13th Istanbul Logitrans International Logistics and Transport Fair that continues all this week.
Expanding its world to new destinations, Turkish Cargo now serves more than 300 cities in 126 countries.
     According to September WorldACD numbers Turkish Cargo has achieved “significant growth with a tonnage increase of 8.8 percent while the global air cargo market shrunk by -5.4 percent”.

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Bilgi University Logistics Club
Hey Look Us Over

     Logitrans does not disappoint when it comes to offering a venue for young people who are thinking career cargo. In fact every Logitrans Istanbul invites new people to take a seat at the table and maybe advance a career in the business.
     Here Bilgi University Logistics Club members are looking at tomorrow up and down the aisles of Logitrans 2019, and running a career meeting every day in Hall 10.
     From left are some fresh faces including, David Vanstayn, Omer Oksoy, Yusuf Ibre, Büsra Gunalp and Saruhan Sahin Togrul.

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MIA Lands LH Freighter

chuckles for November 14, 2019

Lior Ron

Lior Ron has spent the last dozen year of his professional life imagining new realties.
      As a member of Google’s mapping division, he helped scale Google Maps from 10 million users to more than 1 billion. Later, he co-founded Otto, a self-driving trucking company Uber acquired in 2016.
      Now Mr. Ron is taking on the centuries-old logistics market as the head of Uber Freight, shepherding the enterprise’s daring aim to bring the offline logistics universe online.
      “We fundamentally believe there’s a new era of opportunity in logistics,” Ron said at the 38th annual William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture hosted by the Northwestern University Transportation Center. “Technology streamlines things, connects things and that builds trust in physical networks.”

Understanding The Past And The Pain Points

      Lior Ron began his 75-minute program traveling back thousands of years to the earliest eras of trade. He reviewed game-changing innovations and highlighted Uber Freight’s vision for a more efficient logistics landscape.
      As trade became more commonplace in early civilizations, Lior Ron describes roads as the first technological breakthrough – “the initial unlock,” he said.
      “Later innovations such as currency and containerization, a 20th century development, ushered in new levels of trade growth and logistics, while digital-age advancements like Google Maps and warehousing software have propelled new growth opportunities, with the logistics market currently representing 12 percent of global GDP.”
      “There’s an even greater need for solutions that bring value to industry stakeholders besieged by rising costs, a 98 percent driver turnover rate and a litany of inefficiencies ranging from long delays at facilities to “empty” miles in which trucks run with vacant trailers.
      “[Logistics] is running in the wrong direction … and the entire ecosystem is struggling,” Ron said.
      According to Lior Ron, recent technological developments such as a mobile-enabled workforce, fully connected assets and an intelligent, self-learning network have created “a perfect storm” for improvements.
       Leveraging these technological advancements, Uber Freight’s business-to-business app – clutching many of the same user friendly, supply-and-demand tenets of its ubiquitous consumer ride-share platform – matches carriers and shippers to create logistics on demand.
      “We want to connect the right truck at the right time with the right shipper at the right price, and make this entire process as streamlined as possible,” he said.
      He also noted the viability of self-driving trucks.
      Showing a brief animated video to illustrate the potential of autonomous trucking, Ron said a driver could begin a trip at an origin facility and then transfer that load to a self-driving truck for ramp-to-ramp highway haul before another local driver receives the load and delivers it to the final destination.
      “Those first and last miles remain critical,” Ron said.
      Ending his Patterson Lecture with a lively and transparent Q&A session, Ron addressed a range of audience questions around issues such as barriers to working with shippers, Uber Freight’s plans for international expansion and the feasibility of truck platooning. He also touched on innovations in warehousing and loading trucks and said technology continues “stepping up the requirements to run a business efficiently.”

Pat PattersonEditor’s Note:  Patterson United . . . At Northwestern University Transportation Center, the Annual William A. Patterson Distinguished Transportation Lecture is named for William A. "Pat" Patterson. In 1980, the NUTC established the Lecture as an integral part of the Patterson Endowment. It has since become an annual highlight at Northwestern University, drawing influential speakers from all facets of the transportation industry.
William A. "Pat" Patterson was a central figure in the United States air transport industry for more than four decades. He served as president and chairman of United Airlines from 1934 until his retirement in 1966. He was a life trustee of Northwestern University and was instrumental in the establishment and strategic leadership of the Transportation Center.

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newsletter graphicRE: Paths Of Glory—Rick Elieson

Hi Geoffrey,

     Just had the opportunity to read your Leadership Series story “Rick Elieson’s Great American”, wow what a great piece!
     This is one of the best leadership articles I have read in ages, both in content and style.
     Rick is on point in terms of what it takes with people and leadership principles such as caring, collaboration, development, results and future.
     However, what I appreciated most was how he used others to get this point across.
     This selfless outward focus is a reflection of a true leader versus the opposite self-indulgent “me syndrome” that some people rely on to achieve their agendas. The unfortunate truth being that there are many of them around, so it’s a breath of fresh air to read this story even more than once to savor and get it all.
     And I love the appropriate ending;

“People have always liked me better after meeting my wife, they think I’m funnier after seeing me with my friends, and they only see how capable I am when they get to know my team.
“However you choose to slice it, we are better together, and we are happier when we are focused on the happiness of others.”

     Well done and please thank Rick for sharing his thoughts on leadership. Feeling inspired!

Yours truly.
Lionel van der Walt
Pay Cargo

     Thanks Lionel,
     Rick mentioned a movie that inspired his thinking.
     His comments are cogent and quite on the mark.
     Titled “Free Solo,” the film is a white-knuckle viewing experience as the central character climbs El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
     The film won the 2019 Academy Award for Documentaries and is available online from the National Geographic.

     Watch the trailer and then listen to FlyingTalkers Podcast here.

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