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   Vol. 17 No. 4
Wednesday January 24, 2018

EMO Off To A Flying Start in 2018

     “It's incredible,” declares EMO Trans Chairman Jo Frigger, “how our Asia offices have soared with extraordinary results during 2017, and the beat goes on as 2018 begins.
      “EMO China, with 10 offices now, and EMO Hong Kong have led the charge, followed by our offices in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and our newest operation in Vietnam,” Mr. Frigger said.

Hopscotching The World
      “We’ve also seen very positive results from our European offices.
      “Under the leadership of Jean-Marc Richter, EMO France in particular has grown and expanded the EMO footprint in that market, and our Belgium operation is reporting positive results.
      “Together with their joint ventures, EMO Germany is producing excellent results,” Mr.Frigger noted.
      “Also, EMO-Estron Netherlands, in conjunction with some of our overseas stations, have gained important business in 2017 and will continue their robust development for 2018.”

Looking Up Down Under

“In the Australasia region, Duncan Smith, under the direction of Marco Rohrer and Thomas Klinkhammer, has further reorganized EMO Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea to produce positive results.
      “In the Americas, EMO Canada, Chile, and Peru reported significant growth versus 2016.
      “In the USA, we maintain our strong position in the marketplace with a path of increased business and profitable growth in 2017.”

The Year Ahead

“Looking ahead as 2018 unfolds, our worldwide EMO entities will focus on aggressive sales development and investing in important areas.
      “We are developing enhanced IT, and see deployment of our Portal fast approaching.
      “Elsewhere, EMO Trans will continue substantial investments into upgrading equipment and employing even more additional staff and resources.
      “Next month, in February 2018, we will conduct a USA operational meeting with specific attention on topics including accounting procedures, customer service, compliance, IT, and procurement.
      “We know that what lies ahead amidst the good news in 2018 is also a lot of hard work ahead of us.
      “Expansion of the group demands continuous diligence to support our high customer service standards as we deepen our drive to keep all clients satisfied.
      “EMO Trans is one of the best in the service business, and that's how we must continue to perform.
      “As I have noted in the past, the success of the EMO Trans organization relies on everyone's dedication and good cooperation. “Our heartfelt thanks go to our customers and of course the entire EMO Trans family worldwide.
      “For 2018, we will do it all over again!” Jo Frigger pledged.

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