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   Vol. 19 No. 8
Tuesday February 4, 2020
Women In Aviation Workforce
United and UPS Women Pilots

  "Women in Aviation Workforce Report" published by the group Women In Aviation reveals that while women are underrepresented in many areas of aviation, the areas with the largest gaps include technical operations and leadership positions.
  The report shows that women make up less than 10% of pilots, maintenance technicians, and airline executives.
  While continued outreach to underrepresented groups in all areas of aviation is essential for further developing the aviation workforce, the Women Workforce Report also reveals areas that require additional emphasis include pilots, maintenance technicians, aerospace engineers, dispatchers, cybersecurity experts, airport managers, air traffic controllers, and a continued focus on the need for women in aviation leadership positions.
  “While there are many excellent outreach programs in aviation, these results can assist in providing additional information on where to focus outreach efforts as an industry,” a Women in Aviation spokeswoman declared.
  “Simply put increasing the number of women in the field will help meet the needs of industry.
  “In particular, more emphasis is needed to build upon the 3% women airline executives and 1% women airline captains.
  “While increasing the number of women on the flight deck is important, it is equally important to increase the number of women in the left seat, and the number of women in board seats.”
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