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   Vol. 18 No. 18
Tuesday March 12, 2019

Vive La Différence
Vive la différence
Guillaume Halleux and Geoffrey Arend and Cabin Crew

     Normally we prefer to stay out of the picture, but as we were making our way to the opening evening meet and greet at the Mandarin Bay Sands Conference Center, we encountered an enormous horde of young people, 30 somethings that came streaming out of an adjacent hall, laughing and talking and elevating the atmosphere in the hallway. As I entered our hall, I thought wouldn't it be nice if everybody attending WCS 2019 would bring in one person under 30.
     Imagine what could happen if the under 30 and the over 30 got together.
     For the record, in 2013 IATA launched a program FACE (Future Air Cargo Executives) in response to the industry's need for young and aspiring professionals in the cargo industry.
     Just before this picture was taken, enter Guillaume Halleux, Chief Cargo Officer Qatar Airways in his smiling and gentle manner saying, “as a matter of fact I brought along two people under 30!” Vive la différence.

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