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   Vol. 18 No. 16
Monday March 4, 2019

A Tall Tale
Thomas Uschtrin

     The idea for these stories was not planned. They happened in the course of gathering editorial. Recently we had the good fortune to speak to Thomas Uschtrin of United Cargo in Moerfelden, Germany.
     Thomas stands at six foot seven. Beyond the obvious, he stands tall in performance and thought as well.

Tall Thomas

     Thomas Uschtrin, United Cargo Sales Manager Germany, heads up a team of fourteen and has some big ideas for team and business development.
     But it’s all about building a strong, fluid cargo product for United Airlines from the ground up.
     Thomas puts it this way:
     “I love working together with our forwarder partners to create shipping solutions that are win-win.
     “We work at every aspect of our approach so that our customers can see by our actions in real time that we never forget how important they are.
     “The cargo business is a long-term relationship, not a hit-and-run affair.
     “Our 15 flights a day out of Germany, the economic engine of Europe, are a great foundation to build on. Then we go the extra mile and keep our customers close so that everyone knows what to expect,” Thomas said.
     “I am especially proud of the team that we have put together here.
     “Recently we gathered for a meeting in Barcelona, where I was especially impressed with how our people shared the strategies and tactics they have learned from experience to lift our collective effort.
     “United Cargo people care about each other and it shows in our daily work performance and how everyone pitches in, no matter the situation, to keep the commerce moving.”

From Passenger To Cargo

     Thomas began his career at American Airlines as an intern in the passenger business, moving over to cargo with Continental in 1997.
     “Every aspect of my airline career has helped me better understand the importance of always working to grow friendships and understanding with colleagues and customers.
     “I experienced firsthand the merger of Continental and United into one airline and all that entailed.
     “Now that United and Lufthansa Cargo are involved in our exciting new joint venture, I can tell you that just as Rome was not built in a day, people at both carriers worked countless hours on the details of our cargo joint venture.
     “We took a gradual, thorough approach with our different synergies, and we have created a supreme logistics offering we’re all proud of.
     “For example, where we are conducting joint sales calls there is no hierarchy involved. Rather, both airlines’ offer an unbeatable combined strength.
     “I might add that the United-Lufthansa Cargo JV works, in very large part, because both airlines have top cargo management that is always approachable.”

About Tall Thomas

     Thomas considers himself a life-long student of many things, but especially of music.
     “I have recently picked up my piano playing again, and I realize how much fun making music provides.
     “I live here in Germany, not far from FRA airport and yet very close to a natural forest, which is a great location for a nature-lover like me.
     “I often take the opportunity to run and hike a few miles, and favor Mediterranean cuisine.
     “I also love to travel to many places.”

2018 A Very Good Year

     “I saw the best results of my career in 2017 and 2018, and I’m confident that this year will also be solid.
     “For me, the most important contributor to a good life is having long-term relationships that are open, honest, and trusting.
     “It’s OK to make mistakes; that just means you’re human. Learning from mistakes is an excellent way to become a better person and better at whatever you do.
     “An open and honest contributor to others’ success: that is what I strive to be as a leader and partner,” Tall Thomas said.
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