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   Vol. 19 No. 49
Tuesday June 30, 2020
Jill is Trucker's Safety Pick for 2020
Jill Maschmeier

  The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) recognized Jill Maschmeier who serves as the Director of Safety/Compliance at National Carriers, Inc. with the “TCA Safety Professional of the Year 2020 Clare C. Casey Award.”
  The late Clare Casey was a safety professional who transformed truck safety procedures at TCA as a pioneering force for the first annual Safety & Security Division meeting in 1982.
  The announcement was made online (how else) during TCA’s Virtual Safety & Security Meeting on Wednesday, June 24.
  Mike Rinehart, Vice President of Finance, National Carriers, Inc. said, “Jill’s motto is that every day we always can learn something that we can pass on to our co-workers and family. Righ now she is working for education and safety awareness during the current COVID-19 crisis.”
  In a conversation with Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women In Trucking Association, Jill addressed the challenges of being in an industry that is predominantly male.
  Jill said, “I think, women in general when they are in a male-based industry just have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good, but once you get past that and people realize you mean business and you really can do a great job at what you are doing, then you have the respect. It just takes a little longer.
  “The beauty about women in trucking is we’re moms, we are doing a lot of different things, wearing many hats, we are wonderful multitaskers. We just get the job done.
  “In this industry every day is exciting, there is always something new. I think the realization that everything you get arrives on a truck is something most people don’t don't even consider.
  “Driving a truck is a very hard job, I did not have that awareness until I started working here. I have the greatest respect for the men and women who drive trucks.
  “I would like women to know that in addition to driving a rig, there are so many other opportunities for them in the trucking industry,” Jill added.
  Jill is passionate about community service. She assists at a local food cupboard, is an advocate for a rape crisis and domestic violence center, volunteers at local police departments, and is an advocate for elder care.
  Well deserved, Jill.
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